Watch: “Girls Planet 999” Unveils More Talented Performances + Reveals Top 9 Rankings

On the August 13 episode of Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999,” the contestants continued to show off their performances for the Masters. At the end, the Top 9 trainees were revealed for the round.

“Girls Planet 999” is a new survival program with female Korean, Chinese, and Japanese contestants, who have the same dream of debuting in an idol group despite having different languages and cultures. Their growth as they head towards their goal will unfold in the imaginary world named “Girls Planet.”

Yeo Jin Goo is the MC of the program and Tiffany and Sunmi are participating as K-pop Masters. The Vocal Masters are Lim Han Byul and Jo Ah Young and the Dance Masters are Baek Gu Yeong and Jang Ju Hee.

This second episode continued the initial performances of the contestants in front of the MC and Masters.

In the group Eighteen Girls in the K-Group, Sunmi noticed a contestant named Huening Bahiyyih. “Your name reminds me of someone. Are you related to TXT’s Huening Kai?” she asked. Huening Bahiyyih replied that Huening Kai was her brother and said that her brother had given her advice and support for her appearance on the show. He also made a brief appearance through a video call with his sister.

CLC’s Yujin (Choi Yu Jin) gave a passionate, barefoot performance of HyunA’s “Bubble Pop” and revealed, “The agency said that we won’t be doing team promotions anymore. I worked really hard, but we did a lot of strong concepts, so sometimes it felt like no one could see me. I still really want to be a singer and there’s still so much I want to show people.”

At the end, the Top 9 contestants were revealed:

  1. Ezaki Hikaru (J-Group)
  2. Kang Ye Seo (K-Group)
  3. Shen Xiao Ting (C-Group)
  4. Su Rui Qi (C-Group)
  5. Jeong Ji Yoon (K-Group)
  6. Seo Young Eun (K-Group)
  7. Choi Yu Jin (K-Group)
  8. Cai Bing (C-Group)
  9. Kuwahara Ayana (J-Group)

Check out the performances below!


Eighteen Girls – Kim Ye Eun, Lee Hye Won, Cho Ha Eun, Huening Bahiyyih

“Mr. Chu” (Apink)

Fireworks – Kim Do Ah, Kim Hye Rim, You Da Yeon, Lee Sun Woo

“Wow Thing” (SinB, Jeon Soyeon, Seulgi, Chungha)

Sim Seung Eun

“Paradise Lost” (Gain)

Bbo Yoon – Kim Bo Ra, Jeong Ji Yoon

“Bounce Back” (Little Mix)

Choi Yu Jin

“Bubble Pop!” (HyunA)

Electric Shock – Kim Yu Bin, Suh Ji Min, Lee Ra Yeon, Huh Ji Won

“Whatta Man” (I.O.I)

Cotton Candy – Ryu Si On, Lee Yeon Gyung, Joung Min, Choi Hye Rin, Han Da Na

“I Can’t Stop Me” (TWICE)


JOKER – Ando Rinka, Oki Fuka, Sakamoto Shihona, Kubo Reina

“gogobebe” (MAMAMOO)

Sparkling Girls – May, Okuma Sumomo, Inaba Vivienne, Fujimoto Ayaka

“Boogie Up” (WJSN)

Witches – Nakamura Kyara, Shima Moka, Aratake Rinka


Marshmallows – Okazaki Momoko, Ito Miyu, Terasaki Hina

“1000%” – SummerWish


Su Rui Qi

“Snapping” (Chungha)

Dreaming Magic Girl – Gu Yi Zhou, Chien Tzu Ling

“Maria” (Hwasa)

Xu Zi Yin

“Siren” (Sunmi)

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