Ra Mi Ran In Talks For New tvN Drama

Actress Ra Mi Ran is in talks for a new tvN drama!

On August 14, Xportsnews reported that Ra Mi Ran had been cast as the lead role in the upcoming tvN drama “Cruel Miss Ae Ran” (literal translation). In response, her agency C-JeS Entertainment shared that she is currently reviewing the offer.

“Cruel Miss Ae Ran” tells the story of a working mother in her 40s who has to fulfill a secret mission in order to return to work. It is said that she was offered the role of the main character Na Ae Ran in the drama.

Na Ae Ran is full of curiosity and has a spontaneous personality. She makes many mistakes and accidents. She is positive and brave, but she struggles with time and money. One day, Na Ae Ran returns to society after a seven-year break from her career. She gets a chance to come back to work, but in return, she must induce other working mothers to quit.

The tvN drama will be 12 episodes long, and it is scheduled to air in the first half of next year. It will be directed by producing director (PD) Han Sang Jae, who directed various dramas like “Rude Miss Young-Ae” and “A Poem a Day.”

Ra Mi Ran has impressed fans with her acting in diverse projects like the movie “The Dude in Me” and drama “Black Dog.” She was recently confirmed to star alongside Lee Seo Jin in a new TVING drama.

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In the meantime, watch “Black Dog” below:

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