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In episode 9, the group led by Shim Soo Ryeon (Lee Ji Ah) and Logan Lee (Park Eun Suk) began their plan to take revenge and exposed the crimes of Cheon Seo Jin (Kim So Yeon) and Joo Dan Tae (Uhm Ki Joon). All of this was possible thanks to the actions of Ha Yoon Chul (Yoon Jong Hoon), Jin Boon Hong (Ahn Yun Hong), Joo Seok Kyung (Han Ji Hyun), and Yoo Dong Pil (Park Ho San). Here are each of the puzzle pieces they contributed that helped bring light to the truth behind Oh Yoon Hee’s (Eugene‘s) death and Logan Lee’s car explosion.

First puzzle piece: Ha Yoon Chul’s resolve

Ha Yoon Chul played the biggest role in keeping Logan Lee alive and outside of Cheon Seo Jin’s radar.

Cheon Seo Jin had injected a substance that causes cardiac arrest into Logan Lee’s body, but Ha Yoon Chul saved him by injecting an antidote soon after. He then informed Logan Lee’s brother Alex about Cheon Seo Jin’s plans and allowed Shim Soo Ryeon and Logan Lee to reunite. Ha Yoon Chul was outraged to find out that Cheon Seo Jin had been the person who had been giving him orders while concealing her identity as well as the real culprit behind Oh Yoon Hee’s death. He showed up at Bae Ro Na’s (Kim Hyun Soo’s) doorstep and said to her, “I have no right to, but I want to play my part as your father. Just once.” He handed Logan Lee the money he prepared for Bae Ro Na, telling him, “I’ll risk my life to destroy Joo Dan Tae and Cheon Seo Jin. No matter what I have to do, I’ll do it. I’ll carry out Yoon Hee’s revenge with my own hands.”

Second puzzle piece: Jin Boon Hong’s black box footage

Shim Soo Ryeon and Logan Lee found proof that Jin Boon Hong had kidnapped Ha Eun Byul (Choi Ye Bin) on the day that Oh Yoon Hee died, and with the help of Ha Yoon Chul, they brought Jin Boon Hong in front of them and interrogated her about what happened day. Jin Boon Hong continued to deny that she had anything to do with Oh Yoon Hee’s death until they mentioned the name of her child Michelle whom she lost due to domestic violence. Jin Boon Hong confessed that she had kidnapped Ha Eun Byul in her car and took her to Joo Dan Tae. She revealed that she had hidden her black box and that she hadn’t been able to see the footage because the car was registered under Logan Lee’s corporation. Following Jin Boon Hong’s confession, Shim Soo Ryeon, Logan Lee, and Ha Yoon Chul got their hands on the black box footage and were shocked to discover that it was Cheon Seo Jin who pushed Oh Yoon Hee off the cliff, not Joo Dan Tae.

Third puzzle piece: Joo Seok Kyung revealing the culprit behind Chief Director Cheon Myung Soo’s murder

Joo Seok Kyung returned to Hera Palace after escaping from the prayer house and attempted to carry out a surprise attack on Joo Dan Tae using a sharp sculpture, but Yoo Dong Pil appeared at that moment and stopped her. Joo Seok Kyung met her brother Joo Seok Hoon (Kim Young Dae) and heard everything that happened on the day of Oh Yoon Hee’s death, which led her to be overcome by a sense of guilt from the realization that she had contributed to the incident by telling Jin Boon Hong where Ha Eun Byul was. Recalling the good days with her mother Shim Soo Ryeon, she pulled herself together and called Shim Soo Ryeon to tell to her that Chief Director Cheon Myung Soo (Jung Sung Mo) had not died from a heart attack, but was instead killed by Cheon Seo Jin.

Fourth puzzle piece: Yoo Dong Pil’s regret

Threatened by Joo Dan Tae, Yoo Dong Pil had thrown Oh Yoon Hee’s dead body into the river. Despite his wife Kang Ma Ri (Shin Eun Kyung) and Yoo Je Ni’s (Jin Ji Hee‘s) dissuasion, he stuck by Joo Dan Tae’s side and acted as his puppet. He handed Kang Ma Ri the large sum of money he received from Joo Dan Tae and tried to persuade her that they should all leave the country using this money, but Kang Ma Ri angrily said, “Everything you did to Oh Yoon Hee, receive your punishment for those sins before you go.”

When he ran into Bae Ro Na at the Hera Palace lobby, she told him, “Je Ni really likes you. Before she goes to bed, she always looks at the photo she took with you and misses you. Tell me anything. I’ll help.” Hearing this, Yoo Dong Pil felt guilty about the day he discovered Oh Yoon Hee’s dead body and blamed himself. He ripped up his plane ticket and called Kang Ma Ri to tell her, “What should I start with? I’ll do as you say. I’ll be punished.”

Keep watching “The Penthouse 3” to find out how the revenge against Cheon Seo Jin and Joo Dan Tae will continue.

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