Watch: Han So Hee Gets Concerned For Song Kang Behind The Scenes Of

The actors of JTBC’s “Nevertheless” are working hard behind the scenes of the drama!

A new making-of video focuses on Song Kang and Han So Hee filming a scene where they run into each other at an alleyway.

Song Kang plays around with his hand’s shadow on the wall, turning it into a dog that bites Han So Hee who is standing a few meters in front of him. The director asks him to make a heart, and he bends his index finger and thumb to form a squished heart. He also makes an apple with his hands, but he and the director conclude that the normal heart he makes using both hands looks prettiest.

Immediately after a take of their scene together, Song Kang shuts his eyes as if he’s in pain, which gets Han So Hee to worriedly ask if his eyes are hurting and to pat him on the back.

While taking a break, Song Kang and Han So Hee look up at the sky and marvel at the full moon, and Song Kang claims he’s turned into a wolf. Together, the cast and staff wish on the full moon before diving back into filming.

Watch the video below!

In another video, the actors playing the students from the department of sculpture film their retreat scene from episode 8.

The actors play a round of balance games, the first one being whether they’d enlist in the military again or spend two years without a partner. They easily choose to go two years without a partner. The next one is whether they’d like to be a master of one area or be a jack of all trades, and they all come to a consensus that it’s better to have outstanding talent in one area.

Back at school, Lee Ho Jung and Yoon Seo Ah film the scene where they talk about what happened the previous night. While the cameras are rolling, the wind starts blowing so strongly that their hair gets in the way, but they still keep up the acting until the end. Behind the cameras, both actresses are playful and energetic.

Here is the second video:

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