Peppertones’ Lee Jang Won To Tie The Knot With Bae Da Hae

Peppertones’ Lee Jang Won and Bae Da Hae are getting married!

On August 15, Lee Jang Won officially announced his plans to tie the knot with singer and musical actress Bae Da Hae.

HIs full statement, which he posted on Peppertones’ official website, is as follows:

Happy News


I’m embarrassed to be updating for the first time in such a long while, but I’m posting this message on the place where I wanted to convey this news first.

A great person with whom I want to plan my future together has appeared in my life.

Yes. I plan to get married in late autumn of this year.

I’ve decided to start a life together as a family with singer and musical actress Bae Da Hae, who enjoys our music and respects and loves me.

We met at the beginning of this year when we were introduced by someone, so it hasn’t been a long time. But we dated seriously and gave it our all to the point where we were able to surpass that brief time. While doing so, we built up trust [in one another], and we have now wound up announcing news of our marriage.

Peppertones, which began almost as a joke. Thankfully, it’s already our 18th year since starting this campfire together with all of you, and it’s still burning bright. We will continue to tell our story in a way that is both fun and sincere in the future as well.

Jae Pyung, I’ll work hard.

We’ll try our best to live happily. Please look after us. [wink]

August 15, 2021, from the bottom of my heart

Congratulations to the happy couple!

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