Upcoming Drama “High Class” Shares A Glimpse Of The 4 Different Mothers And Their Equally Unique Children

tvN’s new drama “High Class” has shared a new sneak peek!

“High Class” is a mystery drama set at an ultra-luxurious international school located on an island paradise. Jo Yeo Jeong will star as Song Yeo Wool, a successful lawyer who loses everything when she is framed for her husband’s murder.

On August 17, the production team shared new stills of the four mothers and their children.

First off, Song Yeo Wool shows loving chemistry with her one and only son Ahn Yi Chan (Jang Sun Yool). Her expression is bright with a warm smile, and he’s tightly clasping onto her hands as if he vows to never let her go. It’s obvious the two have a strong bond, and it will be intriguing to see how they will stick together when they encounter an unpredictable crisis one day.

Nam Ji Sun (Kim Ji Soo), a woman who was born as the eldest daughter of a conglomerate and now owns a hotel on Jeju Island, exudes elegant vibes with her daughter Lee Joon Hee (Kim Ji Yoo). Lee Joon Hee is the spitting image of her mother, and she is an honor student who tries to live up to her expectations. The duo will seek perfection throughout the drama, and fans can look forward to their unique chemistry.

Then there’s the gentle and lovely Hwang Na Yoon (Park Se Jin) and Hwang Jae In (Park So Yi). Hwang Na Yoon tightly embraces her daughter who is sitting on her lap. Hwang Jae In wears a cheerful smile on her face, and just like how her mom befriended Song Yeo Wool, she will become best friends with Ahn Yi Chan.

Cha Do Young (Gong Hyun Joo) and her son Kwak Si Woo (Seo Yoon Hyuk) steal the attention with their arrogant vibes. Cha Do Young used to be a top celebrity but is now a social media influencer, and she enjoys being in the spotlight. Unlike all the other mothers in the photos who are dressed in neat and formal outfits, she stands out with her one-shoulder red dress. Furthermore, Kwak Si Woo looks too mature for a young child with his perfectly gelled hairstyle and colorful brooch and tie.

“High Class” will premiere on September 6 at 10:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser here!

In the meantime, watch Jo Yeo Jeong in “Cheat on Me If You Can“:

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