Watch: GOT7's Jinyoung Is Full Of Ideas While Filming Kiss Scene With Park Gyu Young In

The Devil Judge” has uploaded another making-of video!

tvN’s “The Devil Judge” takes place in an alternate-universe dystopian Korea where the entire nation participates in a live broadcast courtroom show. Ji Sung stars as the titular “devil judge” Kang Yo Han and Kim Min Jung plays Jung Sun Ah, Kang Yo Han’s nemesis and the executive director of the social responsibility foundation. GOT7’s Jinyoung stars as Kim Ga On, an associate judge who questions Kang Yo Han’s motives. Opposite of Jinyoung is Park Gyu Young as Yoon Soo Hyun, a skillful police detective in a regional investigation unit who is on the hunt for Kang Yo Han’s secrets.


In the first clip, Kim Min Jung and Ji Sung work extra hard to hold in their laughter during takes.

Later, GOT7’s Jinyoung and Park Gyu Young rehearse their kiss scene. Jinyoung suggests they make eye contact, to which they all readily agree. After Park Gyu Young leaves the room out of embarrassment, Jinyoung practices how he should react to the kiss, covering the picture frame of his parents on the bedside table out of embarrassment.

After the kiss scene, the two follow up with the confession scene. While sitting, Park Gyu Young asks for a hug, leaving Jinyoung to awkwardly kneel for her while the director yells out, “Soo Hyun has to get up for him!” As they rehearse the exact movements of their hug, Jinyoung suggests Park Gyu Young hug him because she asked him to come. Park Gyu Young hilariously responds, “Oh… nope.”

The director reminds them that when they hug, their entire bodies have to touch as opposed to just their upper bodies, and the two actors joke that they hug like they’re stretching.

Jinyoung shows off a giant fan he bought to copy Ji Sung and begins using it as a mic, singing for the cast and crew on set. He accepts Park Gyu Young’s song request of Busker Busker’s “Love, At First” and she immediately comments, “He sings so well.”

After filming an intense action scene, Jinyoung comments, “If being a judge was really like this, I wouldn’t be able to do it. You have to risk your life.” He then makes sure to add, “To those who are dreaming of becoming judges, it’s not really like this in Korea, so you’re okay to move forward.”

As filming trickles into the night, Ji Sung, Jinyoung, and Kim Jae Kyung compete to see who will buy everyone ice cream. After two heated rounds of rock, paper, scissors, Kim Jae Kyung loses, hilariously announcing to the crowd below, “I lost!” She tells the staff that her wallet is in her bag and Ji Sung teases that her facial expression looks gloomy. Kim Jae Kyung jokingly responds, “I don’t have much until I’m maxed out!”

Ahead of Park Gyu Young’s final filming, she explains how nervous she is. After filming the final gun shot scene, Jinyoung runs to her side and asks, “Are you okay?” She jokingly replies, “I just got shot, how would I be okay?”

She monitors the scene and the director remarks, “Since this is Soo Hyun’s last scene, Soo Hyun has to be satisfied with it. Do as you please, as you feel is right, and pour everything into it, one final time.” Park Gyu Young films her last scene with Jinyoung, and is later joined by Ji Sung and Kim Jae Kyung who come to bid her farewell.

Back in the courtroom, Ji Sung keeps getting his long lines mixed up, but continues on in good spirits. Later, the clip runs in x5 speed to show just how long and impressive Ji Sung’s memorization and acting ability is.

Watch the full behind-the-scenes video here and catch “The Devil Judge” on Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m. KST!

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