The cast of the teen romance drama “Light On Me” shared their closing comments on the drama through individual interviews.

Based on a mobile game, “Light On Me” is a BL (boys’ love) drama about a loner high school student named Woo Tae Kyung (Lee Sae On) who joins the student council to make friends and ends up meeting his first love. The other members of the student council include the cool-headed vice-president Noh Shin Woo (Kang You Seok), the attractive president Shin Da On (Choi Chan Yi), and the moodmaker Namgoong Shi Woon (Ko Woo Jin).

Lee Sae On said, “Because it was my first lead role, I really enjoyed filming. This will be a project that I’ll never forget.” He added, “I tried to think about my own high school days because the drama was about the struggles of youth. I wrote down what I could remember and thought about what it would be like to be an outsider in high school like Woo Tae Kyung. I also watched a lot of dramas in the BL genre.”

Choi Chan Yi said, “I’m really grateful to have worked on ‘Light on Me.’ How many chances will I have to act in this kind of genre? I felt that I had a really precious opportunity here. I don’t have an agency yet, so I can’t help but think with affection of the production staff members, the hair and makeup stylists, the other actors, and the other actors’ managers who took care of me on set.”

Kang You Seok said, “It feels like it hasn’t been that long since filming ended, but it’s already the end of the broadcast. Time goes by too fast. I’m happy to have worked on a good project with such good people. I’m grateful to have received love from a lot of people through this project, it was a big source of strength.”

Asked about a memorable viewer reaction, Lee Sae On said, “There’s a scene at the end of episode 3 when I get hit by a bully and pass out. Someone commented, ‘Isn’t it a bit much to have someone pass out after a single hit?’ I remember it because it was funny. I knew what happened next, so it was even funnier. My character didn’t actually pass out, he was just pretending.”

Choi Chan Yi said, “There was a comment that said they wanted Tae Kyung and Shin Woo to get together. Their reasoning was that they wanted to marry me, so Shin Woo and Tae Kyung had to end up together! I was grateful for the thought, at least. There were lots of other comments that made me feel good!”

Kang You Seok said, “On YouTube, there was a comment that said that someone who was born in 1994 was playing someone who was born in 2004. I knew that there was an age difference while I was playing the character, but when I read the comment, I realized, ‘I’m 10 years older than my character Shin Woo.'”

About working with the other cast members, Lee Sae On said, “We’re all around the same age, so we were really friendly with each other. We’d share meals together and tried to make our chemistry as good as it could be.”

Choi Chan Yi said, “We would meet up in the student council room and eat snacks. There were lots of scenes where the room would have piles of snacks because of Tae Kyung’s welcome party. A lot of the actors came in to eat a lot of snacks. I remember the staff members laughing at us and telling us to stop eating the snacks. I won’t name names (Kang You Seok and Ko Woo Jin).”

Kang You Seok said, “Filming was always fun. I remember that there was a scene where Tae Kyung removes a piece of dust from Shin Woo’s hair. But the hair stylist thought that was a real piece of dust and removed it. After we filmed the scene with Tae Kyung once, we had to film it again, but no one could tell where the fake piece of dust had gone, so all the production staff members searched for it on the ground.”

About the most memorable scene, Lee Sae On said, “I have a lot of memories associated with the crying scene in episode 11. I’m actually the type to cry a lot, but it was really difficult to cry on set. The director patiently waited for me until I could cry. Suddenly, all the difficulties that I was going through at the time in real life combined with the context of the scene and I started sobbing. I think I cried in a really ugly way. I’m grateful for the production staff for waiting for me, but I also felt really apologetic.”

Choi Chan Yi said, “I remember the scene in episode 13 when Da On and Shin Woo talk to each other about their feelings for Tae Kyung. He wasn’t the type to share what he really feels inside, but Da On took the courage to tell Shin Woo that he was only going to look at Tae Kyung from now on, and Shin Woo said that he wasn’t going to lose… Of all the scenes, I think it was the most electrifying.”

Kang You Seok said, “There’s so many that it’s hard to choose. I liked the scene where Shin Woo and Tae Kyung watch a movie together and fall asleep. I thought it was cute to see them curled up together and watching a movie. A memorable line was when Shin Woo said to Tae Kyung, “Yesterday, today, and probably tomorrow, I’ll only be thinking of you.”

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