Watch: GOT7's Jinyoung, Ji Sung, And More Remain Playful While Having To Film Emotional Scenes For

tvN’s “The Devil Judge” released a behind-the-scenes video from the final episode!

In the new making-of video, Ahn Nae Sang talks about how he doesn’t like the scene of his character’s betrayal. He shares, “I’m really going to go crazy.” GOT7’s Jinyoung comes to comfort Ahn Nae Sang by hugging him tightly from behind. Ahn Nae Sang pretends to complain, “They’re filming this. They’re filming all of this. We’re going to be captured in the making-of video. It’s been exposed that I’m an oldster. It was a secret.” Jinyoung continues to massage Ahn Nae Sang’s shoulders as the other actor states, “Just stop now.”

Ahn Nae Sang also steals Ji Sung’s lines before filming. He choppily recites, “Ga On (Jinyoung), you’re here. You’re hurt. Are you hurt? I’m hurt.” When the actual filming begins, Jinyoung and Ji Sung get completely immersed in their roles, eventually tearing up after the scene. Ji Sung gives Jinyoung a thumbs up sign afterwards as well.

In a different clip, Kim Min Jung explains that she’s filming a rare scene in which her character actually gets to see some sunlight. She elaborates, “My character doesn’t stay in a bright place.”

Ji Sung apologizes for having to walk over Ahn Nae Sang’s face, but Ahn Nae Sang reassures him that it’s completely fine. While filming, Jinyoung pushes Ji Sung away, but Ji Sung trips on Ahn Nae Sang who is on the ground behind him and nearly falls. Laughing, the director immediately yells, “Cut! Quickly, cut!” After filming the intense scene, Jinyoung makes sure that Ahn Nae Sang is okay while the veteran actor teases him by commenting, “He really hit me, so I couldn’t help but surrender.”

Kim Min Jung does her best to capture her character’s emotions properly while acting out the shooting scene. Ji Sung comes over and gives her advice by telling her to lean on her hips while going down in slow motion, allowing her to successfully act out her fall.

Jinyoung gets silly while filming his final scenes. He shares, “I’ll get in big trouble if I touch this [mic].” Nevertheless, Jinyyoung gets focused with Ji Sung as the two film their final scene together.

Watch the full making-of video below!

“The Devil Judge” recently came to a successful conclusion on August 22.

If you haven’t already, watch the drama below on Viki with English subtitles:

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