Watch: Stray Kids Gets Adorably Hyped While Reacting To Their Own

Stray Kids has shared a fun reaction video for their new “Thunderous” music video!

On August 24, Stray Kids posted a clip of themselves watching their latest music video for the first time as a group. The video begins with Bang Chan asking the other members if they’ve seen the music video yet, to which Hyunjin, Lee Know, Seungmin, and Changbin reveal that they have.

I.N replies, “I haven’t, because I was told not to watch it since we’re filming this reaction video,” and Felix chimes in, “I’ve only seen the teaser.” Bang Chan shares that he also waited to watch the music video, and Seungmin remarks, “I asked him to watch it together earlier, and he ran away.”

Once they actually start watching, the members react with awe and excitedly hype each other up throughout the music video.

Seungmin comments, “After only watching the video on my phone, seeing it on a big screen makes it so much better.” Han remarks in amazement, “It’s like the live-action version of a manhwa (cartoon),” and Lee Know agrees, “It feels like a Korean Marvel.” Changbin jokingly responds, “So does that mean we’re going to film a movie?”

After expressing their gratitude to the many people who helped them film the music video, Changbin says, “I think our STAY [Stray Kids’ fandom] will like it too?” The other members agree, and Felix adds, “I think all the time we spent filming it paid off, and it turned out really great. I’m really satisfied with it. It’s even better than I’d expected.”

I.N then reveals that during filming, he hadn’t been sure what the music video would end up looking like, but that he was extremely impressed with the end result. Lee Know similarly recalls with a laugh, “While dancing, they suddenly told me to turn around and look behind me, and I thought, ‘What are they going to do with this? What’s this for?’ But it ended up looking like this.”

Seungmin wraps up by saying, “I hope that many people will enjoy watching it,” and Hyunjin excitedly exclaims, “We’re going on music shows!” Bang Chan adds, “Please look forward to it a lot!”

Check out Stray Kids’ full reaction to their “Thunderous” music video below!

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