Watch: Yoon Shi Yoon Shatters Hani's Nostalgic Dream Of Her First Love In Comedic Teasers For

wavve’s upcoming original drama “You Raise Me Up” has released three new trailers!

You Raise Me Up” is a comedy drama about Do Yong Shik (Yoon Shi Yoon), a man who develops erectile dysfunction in his 30s. When he goes to a urologist for treatment, his doctor happens to be Lee Ru Da (Hani), his first love.

The first teaser for the drama is a parody of a famous commercial and features a play on words. A car is driving along a road with dramatic music playing in the background. Dressed in a sharp suit, Do Yong Shik yells at the driver, “Stop!” (The specific word he uses in Korean can mean “stop” when applied to cars, but it can also mean to “raise up” or “make something stand up” in other contexts.) The driver just says, “Okay,” but the car continues to drive forward, to Do Yong Shik’s increasing frustration. Eventually, the driver turns around and is none other than Lee Ru Da, who snaps at him, “We’re on the way to stop/raise it. Just stay quiet, we’re almost there!”

The second teaser shows Do Yong Shik hitting rock bottom in his life. He has failed the civil service exam six years in a row and has no job, car, or girlfriend. He shuffles down the street in sweatpants and slippers as he watches Do Ji Hyuk (Park Ki Woong) woo Lee Ru Da with his fancy clothes, flowers, and car. Do Yong Shik takes pride in the fact that at least his body is healthy, but during some alone time, he suddenly discovers he has erectile dysfunction.

The third trailer dives into the backstory of Do Yong Shik and Lee Ru Da. Although they were each other’s first love, they broke up because Lee Ru Da is leaving to study abroad in the United States. In tears, she says, “I’ll contact you when I get to America. Don’t change your email address.” Do Yong Shik comforts her and says, “Of course. Make sure you contact me.”

Their love remained only as a beautiful memory for several years afterward. Lee Ru Da, who is now a urologist, occasionally wonders what her first love is up to. Her current boyfriend, Do Ji Hyuk, is so self-complacent that she uses the memory of her first love to make him nervous. When she pictures how much cooler her perfect first love must have become, she feels her heart flutter in a way that her current boyfriend isn’t able to do.

But this nostalgic dream is shattered when she looks over a chart at her clinic for a patient with erectile dysfunction. She is going about her work as usual as he struggles to pull up his pants after the examination when she suddenly stops and wonders, “Are you… that Yong Shik?”

“You Raise Me Up” will be released on August 31 and will be available on Viki.

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