Joo Sang Wook, Kim Young Chul, Park Jin Hee, And Ye Ji Won To Star In Traditional Historical Drama

KBS is planning a new traditional epic sageuk! 

Sageuk generally refers to historical dramas that take place before the end of the Joseon Dynasty, but a traditional epic sageuk typically involves a large budget and cast, a long-running storyline, and depictions of real historical events and figures.

KBS’s new sageuk, “Taejong Yi Bang Won” (literal translation), will depict the events that led to the fall of the Goryeo Dynasty and the establishment of the Joseon Dynasty. King Taejong, whose birth name was Yi Bang Won, helped his father overthrow the Goryeo Dynasty and establish the Joseon Dynasty.

This will be KBS’s first major traditional epic sageuk since 2016’s “Jang Yeong Sil.” Other famous KBS traditional epic sageuk have included “Tears of the Dragon” (1996-1998), “Taejo Wang Geon” (2000-2002), and “Immortal Admiral Yi Sun Sin” (2004-2005).

Joo Sang Wook has been cast in the titular role of King Taejong, the third king of Joseon, born as Prince Yi Bang Won. He is the fifth son of King Taejo, who established the Joseon Dynasty, and helped lead the nation during the tumultuous time when the new order was being established on top of the old.

Kim Young Chul has been cast in the role of King Taejo, the general who overthrew the Goryeo Dynasty and established the Joseon Dynasty in its place. He was an indomitable warrior who was an invaluable hero during times of conflict and war, but later suffered two defeats at the hands of his son, Yi Bang Won, who would later become King Taejong.

Park Jin Hee has been cast as Queen Wongyeong, the wife of Yi Bang Won/King Taejong. She is an ill-fated queen who sacrificed everything to support her husband, only to have him turn away from her in the end.

Ye Ji Won has been cast as Queen Sindeok, the first queen of Joseon. Descended from a noble family, she was able to rise to the position of queen after a fateful meeting with Yi Seong Gye, who would eventually become King Taejo. She gets embroiled in conflict with Yi Bang Won over the line of succession.

The production staff stated, “We have planned and produced ‘Taejong Yi Bang Won’ on the earnest desires of the viewers, who have been yearning for a new traditional epic drama. Viewers will be intrigued at seeing a new perspective on the historical figure Yi Bang Won. The show will investigate the diverse lives of the people who fought to survive the chaos of history, and tackle the question of what kind of leader is needed for certain times.”

The drama has completed script readings and is scheduled to start airing in December of this year.

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