On the August 29 episode of “Running Man,” the members played a game in which they had to acknowledge everything that someone said to them regardless of whether it was actually true.

As predicted, this led to some wild “confessions” as the cast went at each other with their arsenal of teasing and insults. Much of it involved bringing up old and new “love lines” on the show, starting with HaHa saying to Song Ji Hyo, “You have dated Kim Jong Kook before.”

Unfazed, Song Ji Hyo coolly “admitted” to the fact and then went on the offensive and said, “HaHa, you still have feelings for me.” (This is in reference to the fact that HaHa had playfully shown interest in Song Ji Hyo back in the early days of “Running Man,” before he was married. It is also revenge for the fact that HaHa is actively invested in other people’s love lines and likes to tease people about them.)

HaHa went back on the offensive and said to Song Ji Hyo, “You were at Kim Jong Kook’s house last night.” When she “acknowledged” his statement, he joked, “I knew it!” Song Ji Hyo then fired back, “You were thinking of me last night,” and HaHa gave up the round. At the end, Song Ji Hyo said cutely, “Sorry, Go Eun,” referring to the real name of singer Byul, HaHa’s wife.

Next up was Jun So Min, who immediately tapped Yang Se Chan, to his half-amusement, half-dismay. “You sincerely love Jun So Min,” she said as her opening shot, and he “acknowledged” the fact. He then made everyone explode with laughter by saying the exact same statement to Ji Suk Jin, who had talked a few minutes earlier about being just six years younger than Jun So Min’s father.

Ji Suk Jin successfully defended Yang Se Chan’s attack, but eventually threw in the towel under the weight of the other members’ attacks. At one point, Yoo Jae Suk teased Kim Jong Kook about his former love line partner by saying “You’re thinking of Yoon Eun Hye,” and Kim Jong Kook told him to quit it, failing to defend the attack.

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