Watch: Yoon Shi Yoon And Hani Banter Playfully While Dishing On Their Upcoming Comedy Drama “You Raise Me Up”

Yoon Shi Yoon and Hani talked about their upcoming wavve original drama “You Raise Me Up”!

“You Raise Me Up” is a comedy drama about Do Yong Shik (Yoon Shi Yoon), a man who develops erectile dysfunction in his 30s. When he goes to a urologist for treatment, his doctor happens to be Lee Ru Da (EXID’s Hani), his first love.

In a recent video interview, the leads of “You Raise Me Up” shared insight into their drama. Regarding the show’s genre as an upbeat sexy comedy, Yoon Shi Yoon explains, “The topic itself is a bit embarrassing to talk about carelessly, although it’s not wrong. It’s a universal story, but it’s embarrassing to talk about.”

When asked about how similar they are to their characters, Yoon Shi Yoon revealed that he is only 5 to 10 percent in sync with his character Do Yong Shik. Sounding skeptical, Hani asks again to make sure, but Yoon Shi Yoon replies, “It’s because we live such opposite lifestyles.” Hani comments, “My mouth is itching [to say something],” and Yoon Shi Yoon tells her, “Just scratch it.”

On her level of similarity with Lee Ru Da, Hani states, “Honestly, I have a conscience unlike you. I think it’s around 25 percent.” Yoon Shi Yoon laughs and shares, “Why are you lying right now?”

The interview also asks the actors if there are any other characters that they’d want to play, and Hani replies, “Do Ji Hyuk. He rides a nice car. I got the thought that I wanted to try driving it once.” Played by Park Ki Woong, Do Ji Hyuk is a psychiatrist who has been able to establish his private practice under his own name and has everything from wealth to good looks to talent.

Yoon Shi Yoon shares that he’d want to play a hidden character referred to as Choon Sam. Hani laughs as Yoon Shi Yoon describes Choon Sam as perfect and compares the mysterious character to Thanos from “The Avengers.” He explains, “I’m most jealous of him. He’s a man who has everything.”

Asked to pick three points to look out for in the drama, Yoon Shi Yoon replies, “Yoon Shi Yoon. Ahn Hee Yeon [Hani’s given name]. It’ll be subtly racy.” Hani takes some time thinking of her three points, but she comes up with the shocking statement, “Swimming pool. Hotel. Massage,” causing Yoon Shi Yoon to burst out laughing.

On their final words to the viewers, Yoon Shi Yoon states, “I always think that that it’d be nice if fantasy-like events occurred in a fantasy-like place far apart from reality. I hope viewers watch the drama and love it a lot.”

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“You Raise Me Up” is slated to premiere on August 31 and will be available on Viki with English subtitles.

Watch a teaser for the drama below!

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