3 Heart-Fluttering Romantic Relationships That Are Expected To Change In

Love is in the air in tvN’s “Hospital Playlist 2”!

The “Hospital Playlist” series is about five doctors who are best friends and tells the everyday stories of a hospital. Currently, viewers are on the edges of their seats to find more about the love lives of Kim Joon Wan (Jung Kyung Ho), Ahn Jung Won (Yoo Yeon Seok), and Yang Seok Hyung (Kim Dae Myung).

Below are three relationships that are headed towards a turning point in “Hospital Playlist 2”!


Kim Joon Wan & Lee Ik Soon (Kwak Sun Young)

Meeting after an entire year, Kim Joon Wan and Lee Ik Soon’s awkward reunion has made viewers curious about the future of their relationship. Lee Ik Soon apologized for lying and breaking up with Kim Joon Wan a year ago, and she cautiously confessed her true feelings, revealing that she still has feelings for him. However, along with her confession, Lee Ik Soon shared, “But these are my feelings, and I’ll take care of it.” After quietly listening to Lee Ik Soon’s confession, Kim Joon Wan shared, “There will be quite a lot of moments when we meet coincidentally in the future. Every time that happens, do you think you could look at me like it’s nothing? I don’t think I could do that,” hinting at a change in their relationship.

Yang Seok Hyung & Chu Min Ha (Ahn Eun Jin)

From the beginning of this season, viewers have been rooting for Chu Min Ha’s one-sided love for Yang Seok Hyung. In last week’s episode, Chu Min Ha was concerned because she only had one last opportunity to confess her feelings to Yang Seok Hyung. However, contrary to her worries, Yang Seok Hyung’s heart had been gradually swaying towards her, making viewers’ hearts flutter. Furthermore, viewers were even more surprised to see Yang Seok Hyung’s attitude towards Chu Min Ha change. In particular, Yang Seok Hyung asked if Chu Min Ha would be busy this upcoming weekend, saying, “Have a meal with me. I’ll buy you food.” Viewers are curious to see if this will signify a positive change in their relationship.

Ahn Jung Won & Jang Gyeo Ul (Shin Hyun Been)

Jang Gyeo Ul has recently been full of worry because of her mother’s hospitalization. In the last episode, Jang Gyeo Ul told Ahn Jung Won something she had not revealed to him before, and the two people grew closer through that experience. Ahn Jung Won was surprised to learn that Jang Gyeo Ul’s father was a domestic violence offender. Although Jang Gyeo Ul shared that was sorry for wanting to focus on her mother for the time being, Ahn Jung Won reassured and comforted her by saying, “Don’t blame yourself. You don’t have to feel responsible. Let’s eat together at least once a week. I’m okay with just that.” Having grown even closer through this ordeal, viewers are curious to see what will happen to the loving couple in the future.

“Hospital Playlist 2” will take a break from airing on September 2 due to tvN’s coverage of the Asia preliminaries for the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The drama will return with episode 11 on September 9 at 9 p.m. KST.

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