ATEEZ Talks About Relying On Each Other, Importance Of Owning Up To Your Mistakes, And More

ATEEZ opened up about their inner thoughts and feelings in an interview with Singles magazine!

The group recently posed for a pictorial for the magazine’s September issue, and according to those present on set, the members’ close friendship stood out throughout the shoot. Not only did they brighten up the set with their positive energy, but their heartwarming chemistry made an impression on the staff.

Earlier this year, ATEEZ became the first boy group—and the fastest overall idol group—to take home three wins on KBS’s “Immortal Songs,” snagging three trophies on the show in less than a year.

When asked about their impressive performances on the program, where they covered legendary singers Kim Jong Kook, Rain, and PSY, leader Hongjoong confessed that the experience had been quite nerve-racking. 

“We usually go on the stage with the mindset of ‘Okay, let’s have some fun,'” explained Hongjoong, “but for those performances, we were really nervous because we weren’t sure what [the veteran singers] would think of our performance. Fortunately, though, they gave us a great response and cheered us on a lot, so [those performances] remain a happy memory for us.”

As they gear up for their next comeback, the ATEEZ members also talked about wanting to show their fans new things and new sides of the group.

Jongho shared, “There’s still a lot of new things that I want to show [our fans] and that I want to try. I want to consistently show our fans new sides of us.”

Wooyoung chimed in, “I’m the type who looks forward to the ‘me of this year’ more than the ‘me of last year,’ and who looks forward to the ‘me of next year’ more the ‘me of this year.’ When I watch my old fancams, I feel like my skills are gradually improving, which is a relief.”

Meanwhile, Seonghwa expressed his deep affection for his bandmates by revealing that he found strength in all eight of them being together as a group.

“Although I do feel some fear whenever we’re starting something new, whether it’s a new variety show or new content,” he said, “I always find comfort in the fact that I’m not alone and that all eight of us are doing it together. I control my feelings by thinking that if we’re all in it together, there’s nothing we can’t do.”

San also spoke about the members’ close bond, remarking, “Our thought processes have become so similar that I often think, ‘[That other member] is saying exactly what I wanted to say.'”

He went on to share, “Even when we’re exhausted, the members never stop smiling out of consideration for the staff’s hard work, and I’m really proud of my bandmates’ friendliness, patience, and thoughtfulness.”

Yunho added, “No matter how difficult things get, I’m comforted by seeing our fans’ unconditional support. We have a great relationship where we give each other positive energy, which makes me happy.”

The ATEEZ members also revealed their humble mindset as they talked about their goals as artists.

“Who I am as a person and who I am as a singer may be different, but I think that the essence of my personality, my values, and my way of thinking need to be the same,” said Hongjoong. “I don’t do things behind the scenes that I wouldn’t be able to do on camera.”

Meanwhile, Yeosang named “Music, health, and my inner self” as some of his top priorities. He added, “When someone is good at something, I think it’s admirable if they don’t become conceited about it and instead consistently work hard to become even better.”

Finally, Mingi brought up the importance of owning up to one’s mistakes and being able to stand tall when looking in the mirror.

“It’s quite painful to acknowledge your own mistakes, but I face them anyway,” he shared. “How I see myself is just as important as how others see me. I want to be able to feel confident and proud when I look at myself.”

ATEEZ is currently preparing to make their comeback with “ZERO : FEVER.Part 3” on September 13 at 6 p.m. KST. Check out their latest teasers—as well as snippets of their title track candidates—here!

In the meantime, watch Yunho, Seonghwa, San, and Jongho in their recent drama “Imitation” below:

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