SBS’s “The Penthouse 3” released a new behind-the-scenes video showcasing the cast’s strong chemistry!

The making-of video begins with the fight scene between Choi Ye Bin and Lee Ji Ah. The director explains to Choi Ye Bin that they can be more rough with each other, mentioning that Lee Ji Ah starred in action genres in the past. The two quickly manage to check their movements and successfully go through rehearsal. Before having to throw water on Kim So Yeon’s face, Lee Ji Ah carefully covers up Kim So Yeon’s ear with her hair and only aims to the side of her face. The director compliments Choi Ye Bin on her emotional acting, and Kim So Yeon immediately comforts her on-screen daughter.

At the engagement ceremony, Lee Ji Ah can’t hold in her excitement as she poses cheerfully for the camera. Spotting the making-of camera, she and Park Eun Suk get playful by sending signs that they’re keeping watch on the camera. After filming, Lee Ji Ah gets distracted by a large fake ring and comments, “Shouldn’t Logan (Park Eun Suk) prepare something at least to this extent?” Park Eun Suk replies, “Nuna, I’ve prepared that. It’s a 77 carat ring.”

Park Eun Suk practices putting a necklace on Lee Ji Ah, but once Park Eun Suk begins to fix her hair, Lee Ji Ah bursts out laughing since the scene makes her appear as if she’s a customer at a hair salon. The director continues to give out detailed instructions for the scene, telling Park Eun Suk to look at Lee Ji Ah as if she’s so lovable that he could die.

While the two actors prepare to film their kiss scene, one of the production team members yells to turn the smog off. Lee Ji Ah comments, “Why? It’s nice and dreamy.” The staff member replies, “No, it can’t do. It has to be clear and detailed.” Laughing, Park Eun Suk states, “Please film it in 4K.”

“The Penthouse 3” kids also get energetic filming their scene together. Han Ji Hyun starts making adorable and silly poses at the camera, and Kim Young Dae convinces Jin Ji Hee and Lee Tae Vin to glare at the camera together on the count of three. Although Jin Ji Hee and Lee Tae Vin get embarrassed, they still listen to Kim Young Dae’s request.

Lee Tae Vin also asks Jin Ji Hee, “Should I give a spoiler?” He continues, “We get married in Season 4.” Jin Ji Hee states, “It’s my first time hearing this.” Behind them, Kim Young Dae plays cupid by making a heart sign, but he gets caught looking suspicious instead. The two find out what he did, and Lee Tae Vin makes half a heart, which Jin Ji Hee completes. Surprised, Lee Tae Vin comments, “Oh, you did it,” and Jin Ji Hee replies, “I’ll do it because it’s the end.” Lee Tae Vin shares that he’s touched by the gesture.

Watch the full making-of video below!

The second-to-last episode of “The Penthouse 3” will air on September 3 at 10 p.m. KST.

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