Watch: Ryu Jun Yeol And Jeon Do Yeon Are Mysteriously Drawn To Each Other In

“Lost” has shared an intriguing new highlight video!

The JTBC drama tells the stories of average people who realize they haven’t become anything throughout their lives and try their best to see the spotlight. Jeon Do Yeon stars as Boo Jung, a ghostwriter in her 40s who feels lost and as if she hasn’t been able to amount to anything. Ryu Jun Yeol stars as Kang Jae, a man who runs a service where employees act out whatever roles clients request.

The clip begins with Boo Jung addressing her father in a sad confession that hints she’s going through an existential crisis. As a ghostwriter who suddenly turns into a housekeeper, she wonders, “Where did it go wrong? What am I so afraid of?”

Kang Jae also addresses his father as he admits he doesn’t think he’ll be able to amount to anything. One day, he overhears Boo Jung saying something similar at a bus stop. He watches her cry for a while, and his usually impassive expression slightly changes. When they’re in the bus, he hands her a handkerchief, and she gratefully thanks him. Before he could get off the bus, she grabs his sleeve, and he stares at her with wide eyes.

The video also shares a glimpse of Boo Jung’s and Kang Jae’s personal lives. Boo Jung is struggling in her marriage with Jung Soo (Park Byung Eun), and she is determined to get revenge against Ah Ran (Park Ji Young), an actress who is also her client. To make things more complicated, Jung Soo reunited with his first love Kyung Eun (Kim Hyo Jin).

On the other hand, Kang Jae is living an empty life where he plays different roles for his clients. He says, “I have a career where anyone can call me anytime without feeling pressured.”

Boo Jung’s and Kang Jae’s dark lives start to lighten with hope when they encounter each other. They cross paths multiple times, and they seem to live a deep impression on each other. Kang Jae, who always puts money first, admits he has followed something other than money after meeting her.

Towards the end of the clip, Kang Jae and Boo Jung meet on opposite sides of a crosswalk. They gaze at each other with longing eyes, and Kang Jae asks Boo Jung, “Can you be friends with someone like me?”

Watch the full highlight clip below!

“Lost” will premiere on September 4 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Ryu Jun Yeol in the movie “Little Forest“:

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