Jung Hae In Talks About The Success And Realism Of “D.P.”, Plans For A Second Season, And More

Actor Jung Hae In recently participated in a virtual interview to talk about his new hit series, “D.P.”

Based on a popular webtoon, “D.P.” (stands for Deserter Pursuit) is a Netflix series about a special military squad sent to chase down deserters. Jung Hae In stars as An Jun Ho, a new recruit who is scouted for the D.P. squad before he has adapted to military life, and Goo Kyo Hwan co-stars as Han Ho Yeol, the team leader of the D.P. squad.

After it was released on August 27, the series took No. 1 in Netflix’s popular shows ranking in Korea and has shown global success in countries like Thailand, Vietnam, and more as well. Jung Hae In said, “It didn’t feel real to see ‘D.P.’ at No. 1. I’d never received so many congratulatory messages from my seniors and acquaintances before, so I’m slowly starting to feel like it’s real. I think that its popularity is because of the strength of the story. The military is a small microcosm of society. Even though it can be uncomfortable to face the truth, I think there’s strength in that.”

He added with a laugh, “I got a lot of messages from my seniors and juniors in the military. When I was in the military, I took care of my juniors and got along well with my seniors. I often contact them anyway, but I was grateful that they sent me messages after seeing ‘D.P.'”

About creating the character of An Jun Ho, he said, “I tried to put my own memories of military life in him. Stating one’s rank and name, the salutes, cleaning the lockers and boots, and dealing with the seniors, I revived all those past memories. I remembered when I was a private and thought a lot about my tone and volume when stating my rank and name.”

About his co-star, Goo Kyo Hwan, he said, “Both of us are shy, so we spent some time getting to know each other, but it didn’t take long for us to become friends. He’s someone who has a lot of kindness and consideration and overflows with positive energy. When he acts, you can feel the presence of the other actors on set come alive. I wanted to film while respecting his presence as well. I think that our balance was good. The drama could be a depressing story, but he often changed the atmosphere and got the energy going again. There were a lot of times when I messed up a take because he made me laugh. I was curious about how our bromance would come out, but I’m proud to see that it turned out well.”

Many viewers have praised the series for its realism, bringing back memories of their own military service. Jung Hae In said, “I heard that there were people who experienced stress after seeing ‘D.P.’ I think that shows how realistically ‘D.P.’ portrayed the events of that time. If people experienced similar things, then they must have had a lot of thoughts about it. I also remembered a lot of things I could relate to while watching the show. The most regrettable story was about Private Jo Seok Bong. Even when I was filming, I felt so frustrated and claustrophobic. I think that the viewers will have felt the same.”

He continued, “The drama is not a lighthearted one. It goes beyond frustration into suffocation, heaviness, and emptiness. ‘D.P.’ is set in 2014, when there were a lot of unfortunate incidents and accidents in the military. Because I knew that was the setting, I thought I would have be to be careful in creating my character.”

Jung Hae In shared some advice for those currently serving in the military. “I believe that it is because of you that we are able to lie down comfortably at night and sleep in peace. As someone who has served before you, I hope that you will complete your service in good health.”

At the end, the actor shared his wishes for a second season. “I felt a buzzing in my head while watching ‘D.P.’ on the day it came out,” he said. “Since there was so much interest and praise for the drama, I’m looking forward to a second season myself. I’ve heard that the director and writer are already working on the script. They’ve started to put the wheels in motion. I want to show my character’s growth in the second season.”

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