6 Sunmi Concepts That Are Out Of This World

Whenever Sunmi is about to make a comeback, her concepts are surely a topic of interest for her fans and the general public alike. The artist always makes sure that her music, video clips, and choreography all stand out by containing unique elements that would be the talk of the town for a long time. This being said, it is no surprise that Sunmi’s musical concept has a name of its own: “Sunmi-pop,” which has been mentioned not only by the artist herself but also by various media on several occasions.

While every single concept can easily be featured, here is a selection of six concepts that are out of this world.

1. “Full Moon”

Sunmi is enchanting in this supernatural tale from her JYP days. Her character is a vampire who bears a childhood crush until adulthood, and she finally takes the critical step of turning her love interest into a vampire as well. The lyrics and cinematography go hand in hand, showing the power of love with an angsty story that is concluded with a happy ending. Furthermore, the sensuality of the choreography is a perfect addition that further emphasizes the emotions in this track. Talk about an otherworldly concept!

2. “Gashina”

Fast forward three years later, and Sunmi makes her first solo comeback following the end of her contract with JYP Entertainment. “Gashina” gives us a closeup on the artist’s vibrant personality that is perfectly embodied by the colorful aspects of this concept. Heartbroken and vindictive, she dances her pain away as she sharpens her edges to recover. The chaotic energy throughout the MV, along with the shift in scenery and the stellar “finger gun” dance, make a signature concept that would instantly remind you of Sunmi. “Gashina” is a double entendre in Korean that refers to both the expression “Are you leaving?” and thorns growing on a flower – which perfectly sums up the essence of the song.

3. “Heroine”

Sunmi sends us on yet another musical roller coaster. As the title states, she is the protagonist of a series of romantic dramas to which we’re introduced with every curtain reveal throughout her clip. Debuting her outlandish dance moves that are simply fascinating, she perfectly portrays the ups and downs encountered in relationships as mirrored through her reflective lyrics. This song and MV serve as a prequel to “Gashina.”

4. “Siren”

Just when you think this is a regular music video, the artist proves otherwise as she cues the music. In this narrative, Sunmi is trapped by her various personas that all seem to question her relationship choices and urge her to break up with her partner who is oblivious to her multifaceted personality. Naturally, a quirky dance session is in order as she faces some of her alter egos. The lyrics perfectly depict the double meaning of “Siren.” First, it represents the mythical creature that lures men at sea who are unaware of their ulterior motives. The second meaning is the most common one of an alarm, which translates to Sunmi warning her love interest that she is no good for him.

5. “Noir”

Sunmi makes a much-needed statement in this bright music video that hides within it a representation of the dark side of social media consumption. She purposely highlights the evolution of social media use, ranging from the normal desire to receive more likes and followers to the dangerous level of one going out of their way to create buzzworthy content and its toxic aftermath on mental health. The title “Noir” means black in French, and Sunmi uses it here to illustrate the gloominess that keeps society hostage to the unrealistic demands of the virtual world.

6. “You Can’t Sit With Us”

Sunmi takes us back in time through this ’90s-themed music video with a pinch of “Mean Girls” references (such as the track title itself) and a dash of retro vibes sprinkled all over. Even better, zombies, guns, and tons of action are all part of the equation. The storyline? An angry girlfriend with an incredible support system and an apologetic boyfriend seeking to win her back even if it costs him his life are quarreling throughout the song duration until they eventually make up. Granted, it must’ve been awkward to try and explain everything that had happened to the police. Bonus: a sassy choreography that matches every part of the concept!

Which Sunmi concept is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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