Watch: 2PM's Junho, Lee Se Young, And More Talk About Their Characters In New Historical Drama In Script Reading Video

MBC shared a behind-the-scenes look at the script reading for their upcoming historical drama “The Red Sleeve”!

Based on a popular novel, “The Red Sleeve” is a traditional historical drama that tells the record of an imperial court romance between a court lady who wanted to protect the life she had chosen and an emperor who put the nation first before love.

2PM’s Junho stars as Yi San, the direct descendant and eldest grandson of the King. Lee Se Young stars as court lady Seong Deok Im, who wants to make her own decisions about life rather than be one of the King’s many women. The script reading video also features Kang Hoon as Hong Deok Ro, Lee Deok Hwa as King Yeongjo, Park Ji Young as Chief Court Lady, Jang Hee Jin as Queen Kim, Jang Hye Jin as Court Lady Seo, Jo Hee Bong as Hong Jeong Yeo, Seo Hyo Rim as Princes Hwawan, Kang Mal Geum as Hyebin from the Hong family, and Oh Dae Hwan as Kang Tae Ho.

In the video, Junho says, “My character lives with pain in his heart, but he overcame these things and became stronger. I really liked how he straightforwardly pursued the person he loved. He is a king who takes care of the peasants and has great love for his people. Lee Se Young describes her character as, “She’s healthy, bright, and lively. She is a cute girl with unusual skill at writing.”

Kang Hoon’s character, Hong Deok Ro, is a government official, which Seong Deok Im has a hard time believing because of his handsome looks. Lee Deok Hwa affectionately describes himself as “a very human king. Sometimes he loses his temper and cries when he’s upset.” Park Ji Young describes her character as the godmother of the court ladies who devotes herself to taking care of the other women. Jang Hye Jin’s Court Lady Seo is a steadfast supporter of Seong Deok Im and a maternal figure to her, but she adds humorously, “But she is far from powerful. Sometimes the viewers might wonder what she’s even doing there. She pops in and out of the story as needed.”

Jo Hee Bong’s Hong Jeong Yeo is an antagonist figure who opposes Yi San being the heir to the throne. Seo Hyo Rim’s Princess Hwawan is the favorite daughter of King Yeongjo and is very wary of Yi San, who will later become King Jeongjo. Oh Dae Hwan’s Kang Tae Ho is the bodyguard of Prince Yi San.

Check out the video below!

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