SBS’s “The Penthouse 3” released a new behind-the-scenes video!


The making-of video begins with Choi Ye Bin practicing the dance routine for her character’s part-time job. She tells the camera, “I’m embarrassed. [The makeup] concept is that Eun Byul (Choi Ye Bin) did it herself.” Choi Ye Bin continues to explain, “My body and mouth won’t move together. They play separately. I practiced so much. I could do it if I just had to dance.” While filming, Choi Ye Bin gets stuck on a dance move. She smiles while sharing, “Oh? My body suddenly broke down.”

At the studio, Choi Ye Bin can’t stop laughing because Ha Do Kwon’s bright suit looks as if it’s about to burst at the arms. She comments, “Teacher Du Gi (Ha Do Kwon) is so funny.” Nonetheless, Choi Ye Bin still tears up while singing as she immerses into her role, thinking about her on-screen mother and her character’s hardships.  Meanwhile, Ha Do Kwon pretends to be excited as Choi Ye Bin sings. He continues to dance despite there not being any music. At the end, Ha Do Kwon sighs and states, “That was so tiring.”

Ha Do Kwon tells Choi Ye Bin, “You must be excited because it’s about to end.” Choi Ye Bin replies, “I just get really excited when I see Mr. Du Gi.” As he leaves the set with flowers after filming his final scene, Ha Do Kwon says, “Goodbye, ‘Penthouse.'”

Despite the serious nature of the scene, Lee Ji Ah and Kim So Yeon are full of easygoing smiles as they rehearse together. Lee Ji Ah even gets comfortable lying on a mattress on the ground while acting out her fall. Before getting ready to do the wire scene, Kim So Yeon comments, “Unnie, be careful.” Lee Ji Ah playfully responds, “How do I be careful?” Although Lee Ji Ah gets scared about having to fall backwards with wires, the actress films the scene with a graceful pose.

Watch the full making-of video below!

On September 10, the third and final season of “The Penthouse” came to its highly-anticipated conclusion.

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