ATEEZ Talks About Their Comeback, Collaborating With Kim Jong Kook And Pentatonix, And More

On September 13, ATEEZ held an online showcase for the release of their seventh mini album, “ZERO: FEVER Part 3.”

This new album comes about six months after the release of “ZERO: FEVER Part 2.” Hongjoong said, “I couldn’t sleep well due to excitement and nervousness. I spent the night in a feel-good kind of excitement. Unlike when we first debuted, we were thinking about our team color and direction, so although I was excited, I was also nervous. But I plan to have fun kicking off our promotions.”

Seonghwa said, “This is our first time standing on stage as a team after ‘Kingdom: Legendary War,’ and we wanted to show something completely new. We focused a lot on the details when we practiced.” Yunho added, “This comeback was particularly exciting and nerve-racking. I’m happy that the teasers got a good response.”

Yeosang said, “It’s our first comeback in six months, so I was mostly excited and happy to think that we would soon meet our fans.” San added, “During these album promotions, I want to hear that ATEEZ isn’t limited to a certain spectrum.” Jongho said, “We will work hard to showcase music and performances that won’t disappoint the fans who waited for us and that we’re proud to show before the general public.”

About “Deja Vu” being voted as the promotional title track (the other being “Eternal Sunshine”), Mingi said, “‘Deja Vu’ was our first time trying a sensual concept that goes beyond restrained sexiness and maturity. I think that this is the vibe that our fans most wanted to see. We held a vote and also got advice from our industry seniors.”

Hongjoong said, “Kim Jong Kook said that ‘Deja Vu’ suited us well and comforted us by saying that we should show a good image. PSY saw ‘Deja Vu’ and said that it was a different style than we’d done before but that it looked cool, and that was a big source of strength.” Jongho said, “My co-stars in ‘Imitation,’ Lee Jun Young, Jiyeon, [SF9’s] Hwiyoung and Chani, as well as ASTRO’s JinJin, all shared kind words with me, for which I was grateful.”

“ZERO: FEVER Part 3” is also ATEEZ’s first album after they competed on “Kingdom.” Yeosang said, “In watching the seniors on ‘Kingdom,’ we learned about detailed expression and how to relax on stage. From the start to the final performance, as we thought about how to create our performances, we were able to enlarge our spectrum and show our growth.” Wooyoung added, “I think that mixing our stand-out concepts and world-building in our performances helped us forge a clear identity.” Wooyoung also shared that he often exchanges feedback with Stray Kids’ Changbin and TXT’s Yeonjun about their work.

Before their comeback, ATEEZ had some special collaborations with Kim Jong Kook and a cappella group Pentatonix. Yunho said, “It was an honor when we heard that we were collaborating with Pentatonix. When I was studying music as a high school student, I often watched Pentatonix to help me learn. I’m especially grateful that they were the first to make the offer.”

Jongho said, “I had to work extra hard in the Pentatonix collaboration because it was a lower pitch than I was used to. I think that the results came out well, so I feel a sense of accomplishment. If possible, I’d like to collaborate with IU in Korea and Bruno Mars abroad.”

Mingi said, “I first dreamed of becoming a singer when I saw Kim Jong Kook. When we heard ‘Be My Lover,’ he was the first person we thought of. Ever since ‘Immortal Songs,’ he’s always taken the time to share compliments with us. When we were doing our Hallowe’en project, he came in the middle of his schedule to make a cameo. We’re grateful that he readily agreed to this one as well.”

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