SONAMOO's D.ana Announces That She Is Leaving The Group

Another SONAMOO member has confirmed that she has left the group.

On September 13, D.ana shared a post on SONAMOO’s official Instagram account informing fans of her decision to leave the group.

The post reads:

Hello, this is SONAMOO’s D.ana. This is the last time that I will greet the people who have been with SONAMOO until now as ‘SONAMOO’s D.ana.’ As of September 2021, I will no longer be promoting with SONAMOO. I am sorry for not being able to share good news with the people who have waited and cheered us on for so long.

From the time when I was a trainee up until after SONAMOO’s debut, I always had fears and worries. But thanks to the help I received from many people, and the support I got from SolBangOol [fan club name], I was able to promote in happiness. Although I was lacking, the interest and support I got from everyone became the foundation I could depend on and the impetus for my growth. I am deeply sorry that SONAMOO’s promotions are ending without being able to repay the excessive love that we have received. I have a lot of regrets about having to part ways with SONAMOO, and now that the time we spent together is nothing but memories, I am going through a lot of emotions. I will cherish all those precious moments in my heart and remember them forever.

Right now, I’m in the process of tidying up loose ends and preparing for my future work. Although it might not be right to say this, I ask that you stay with me as I walk a new path. I am sincerely grateful for the people who spent their precious time with SONAMOO and showed their love for SONAMOO and SONAMOO’s D.ana. When I have good news, I will share it with you.

Last week, SPOTV News reported that SONAMOO’s Euijin, Newsun, and Minjae had left the group after their contracts with TS Entertainment expired. Although TS Entertainment did not confirm the report, Euijin later revealed that she had signed a new contract with Mellow Entertainment. SONAMOO’s Nahyun and Sumin sued to end their contracts with TS Entertainment in 2019 and won the first trial in 2020.

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