Watch: Go Hyun Jung And Shin Hyun Bin Are Fearful Of One Another In Teasers For Upcoming JTBC Drama

Go Hyun Jung and Shin Hyun Bin’s upcoming drama has dropped mysterious new teasers.

JTBC’s “Reflection of You” follows the story of Jung Hee Joo (Go Hyun Jung), who grew up in poverty but now lives a successful life with a happy and well-off family. Although she lives an enviable life, she still harbors feelings of emptiness about the time that has passed.

Shin Hyun Bin co-stars as Goo Hae Won, who grew up with beautiful youth. However, she is deeply hurt from her brief meeting with Jung Hee Joo, and she discovers that the wound only continues to fester as time passes. The drama will be about the affair, betrayal, corruption, and revenge that follows their meeting.

The first teaser focuses on Hee Joo as Go Hyun Jung’s black and white white image fades in and out while she slowly turns her head. Her sharp and powerful gaze is overlapped with Goo Hae Won’s image as the caption reads, “It’s not hell, yet,” as if she is in denial of reality. Color gradually fills Jung Hee Joo’s face as she turns around looking determined, yet slightly fearful.

The second teaser stars Hae Won and begins with Shin Hyun Bin frowning, appearing deep in thought with her eyes closed. She wakes with a jump as a colored image of Jung Hee Joo from teaser one flashes on the screen. Something crashes in the background as she comments, “I’m positive that something inside of me is broken.” Her face slowly fills with color and she looks around, as if searching for reassurance that she is safe.

The two teasers depict the contrast between the danger Jung Hee Joo feels as someone who has everything, and the emptiness felt by Goo Hae Won who is the “broken woman.” “Reflection of You” will remove titles like “mother” and “wife” and instead focus on Jung Hee Joo, a woman devoted to her desires, and Goo Hae Won, another woman who becomes a supporting character in life after their short encounter.

“Reflection of You” premieres on October 13.

While we wait, check out Shin Hyun Bin in “Warrior Baek Dong Soo” below!

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