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“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” has been living up to viewers’ high expectations with its heart-fluttering ending scenes!

tvN’s “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” is a remake of the film “Mr. Hong” that stars Shin Min Ah as Yoon Hye Jin, a dentist who moves from Seoul to the seaside village of Gongjin, and Kim Seon Ho as Hong Doo Shik, an odd-job expert who helps everyone around town. Lee Sang Yi plays Ji Sung Hyun, a star variety-show producing director (PD).

Even before its premiere, the drama garnered lots of attention from viewers looking forward to the chemistry between its leads. So far, “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” has not disappointed: each episode has ended romantically, with an interesting epilogue that gets viewers even more excited for the next broadcast.

Here are some of the best episode endings from “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” thus far!


1. The beginning of their relationship: The first meeting between young Hye Jin and Doo Shik

On top of already having had an unusual first encounter in Gongjin as adults, Hye Jin and Doo Shik turned out to actually go way back, all the way to their childhoods.

Hye Jin found her way to Gongjin after reminiscing about her late mother and ended up running into loads of obstacles, but miraculously had Doo Shik there to help her every step of the way. Once Hye Jin made up her mind to set up a dentist office, she ran into Doo Shik once more and asked him, “Seriously, what are you?” Episode 1 ended with his response, “Me? I’m Mr. Hong,” leaving viewers curious about how their relationship would move forward.

Yoon Hye Jin had a hard time adjusting to the village, and after making a mistake in front of her neighbors, she instantly became disliked and was unable to draw any patients to her clinic. Hong Doo Shik noticed this and took matters into his own hands, signaling a change in their relationship. The change became clear at the end of Episode 2, when Hye Jin went to find Doo Shik fishing by the water in order to share her gratitude. After she slipped on the wet rocks, Doo Shik carefully caught her, locking the two in heart-fluttering eye contact. Viewers were then shown the epilogue featuring their true first meeting as children, which suggested their newly blossoming relationship is fate.

2. The beginning of the excitement: A fairytale-like ending

The ending of Episode 3 felt magical for all, as Yoon Hye Jin was over the moon because Hong Doo Shik had found her missing shoe, and he had a bright smile as he looked on. Although her house was in a blackout, once she put on the shoes, her lights began to turn on one by one, as if she were in a fairytale. The epilogue then explained how Doo Shik discovered her shoe while he was by the water and followed tutorials on YouTube to meticulously dry and restore it before giving it back, showcasing his caring heart.

Episode 4 had an even more romantic ending as the two got to know one another better over drinks. After sharing a childhood memory about her mom, Hye Jin got choked up and began fanning herself out of embarrassment, claiming she was hot. As Doo Shik had his hands on a cup of ice at the moment, he quietly held them up to her cheeks and looked upon her while softly commenting, “It’s really hot.”

3. The beginning of change

Hye Jin’s memory slowly started to come back after their drunken night, but the pair’s relationship took a change for the worse. When it began to pour outside, Doo Shik took Hye Jin’s hand to jump around in the rain as he told her, “Just play with me.” While playing outside, she remembered their intoxicated kiss and asked him one more time if truly nothing had happened between them. Doo Shik affirmed that nothing had happened, marking a disappointing ending to Episode 5 as distance formed between the two characters.

Hye Jin and Doo Shik mended their relationship at the Lighthouse Singing Contest, where they took the stage together for Ju Ri (Kim Min Seo). Afterwards, the two were looking at each other fondly when fireworks began to go off behind them, as if celebrating their reconciliation.

However, just moments later, Doo Shik almost fell into the water and was caught by Hye Jin and Ji Sung Hyun, who finally reunited. This Episode 6 ending featured all three characters together for the first time and signaled the start of a potential love triangle. The following epilogue showed another memory between Hye Jin and Doo Shik from high school, proving that their relationship is definitely special.

3. The beginning of the love triangle

The ending of Episode 7 showed Hye Jin confusedly caught in between the two men. Ji Sung Hyun travelled to Gongjin to film his new variety program, and Doo Shik became his local guide. The two began an unlikely bromance, but viewers are curious to see how Sung Hyun will change the relationship between Hye Jin and Doo Shik as he continues to express his feelings for her.

The love triangle was put into full force when Ji Sung Hyun asked Hye Jin if she was seeing anyone and Hong Doo Shik quickly interjected, “No, I don’t think so.” In the following epilogue, the three were drinking together when Hye Jin and Doo Shik shared a sweet moment. While shedding tears, Doo Shik asked Hye Jin not to leave, and she calmly patted his back while saying, “Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere.”

The next episode ended with a deep embrace between Yoon Hye Jin and Hong Doo Shik. After work, Hye Jin had a looming feeling that she was being followed on her walk home. She then noticed Doo Shik holding up a light in front of her, felt safe, and ran into his arms. Rather than being surprised, Doo Shik held her even tighter. While the two have maintained a strict friendship, viewers can now look forward to how their relationship will develop, especially with the added presence of Ji Sung Hyun.

“Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” airs on Saturdays and Sundays at 9 p.m. KST.

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