ITZY Describes Their New Concept For First Full-Length Album, What They Are

ITZY is back with their first full-length album “CRAZY IN LOVE” featuring their title track “LOCO”!

Being their first full-length album since the group’s debut more than two years ago, “CRAZY IN LOVE” is expected to help ITZY soar further and higher in the global scene. The members shared their excitement about the release, commenting on how they’re looking forward to seeing how fans will respond to their new style and concept.

Describing this new concept, Yeji explained, “I think confidence is a part of every ITZY song. With ‘LOCO,’ the theme that we explored was ‘What would ITZY look like if we were crazy about love?’ I hope that people can look at our passion and go, ‘That’s something new.’ I also want to show that we don’t have any limits.” Yuna commented, “Until now, we dealt with themes revolving around ‘me,’ or ‘for myself.’ With this new album, we show what it’s like to be so caught up in love that you don’t know what to do with yourself. It captures all the ups and downs that come with being attracted to someone, which I think can come across as endearing. This is a new side of us.”

Ryujin described their new style for the comeback as “the original ITZY with a spoonful of loveliness added to it.” She also added that for a future concept, she’d like to try one that features two spoonful of loveliness instead of one! Yuna stated, “When we get the chance, I wonder what it’d be like if we attempted a horror concept.”

To the question of what they are “LOCO” about at the moment, Ryujin answered, “I’m ‘LOCO’ about dramas and movies these days. I finished a series with three seasons in one week! I think there are so many fun dramas and movies.” Chaeryeong added, “I am ‘LOCO’ about ‘LOCO.’ It’s our first full-length album, so I can’t help but be focused on it in the hopes that it all goes well.” Yuna finally said, “I am very into my members. As time goes on, their existence is a huge source of strength for me!”

Looking back on their journey, Yeji stated, “The members have gotten much closer since debut. Even then, I thought we knew each other well. But as time went on, we learned more and were able to depend on each other even more.” Chaeryeong agreed, saying, “I think our friendship has gotten stronger. It only makes sense, since we spend so much time and make memories together. It think it’s to the point where we know what we want just by seeing each others’ faces.”

On their future aspirations, Yeji said, “I think the energy we give off as a team that is bold is considerable. I think people recognized that we’re a team that honestly expressed the emotions we want to express. Boldness and confidence are two major traits of ours that we will continue to embody. We will also keep working on our growth in talent.” Ryujin stated,” I want to show ourselves knowing exactly what we want and going for it without fearing what others think.”

Out of the 16 tracks on “CRAZY IN LOVE,” each member has a song they’d most recommend to their fans. Lia and Chaeryeong both recommend “LOVE is,” both describing the song as something different from what they’ve put out so far. Lia further explained, “Out of all our songs, it is most emotional and moving. I think listeners will be able to relate to it.” Meanwhile, Yeji suggested “Chillin Chillin” for its feel-good vibes amidst current times where traveling is difficult. Ryujin’s recommendation is “Gas Me Up” because it’s a song that shows a good mix of the original ITZY style with their newer qualities. She added, “Out of all the songs we recorded so far, I personally am most satisfied with this one. So, I hope everyone can give it a listen.” Yuna’s choice is “Sooo LUCKY,” her reason being that the song’s message is one she truly wants to tell her fans, that “There’s only one of you in this world and you are more special than anything!”

Check out their recommendations as well as their title track “LOCO” here!

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