“The Sixth Sense 2” co-stars Lee Sang Yeob and Lovelyz’s Mijoo will appear in next week’s “Amazing Saturday”!

Both “The Sixth Sense 2” and “Amazing Saturday” are variety shows that air on tvN. Mijoo appears on “Amazing Saturday” with her trademark energy, dressed as Cinderella and leaving behind one of her shoes that Lee Sang Yeob grabs for her. Mijoo introduces herself as the maknae [youngest member] of “The Sixth Sense,” and Lee Sang Yeob introduces himself as “the even more maknae,” referring to the fact that he joined the show in the second season.

Mijoo is described as having put her name on the Hall of Fame on “Amazing Saturday,” and goes all-out again this episode, throwing aside her shoes and dancing barefoot and showing her double-jointed flexibility to the shock of the crew. In contrast to her passion, Lee Sang Yeob says, “I just followed Mijoo here. I have no competitiveness and I’m easily swayed by what others say.”

Kim Dong Hyun comments, “I feel good when I can jump over people like this,” but Lee Sang Yeob replies, “When I hear that, I get fired up.” Lee Sang Yeob soon gets into the flow of the show and Mijoo says, “He’s better suited here than he is on ‘The Sixth Sense.'” Even when Shin Dong Yup teases him for getting things wrong, he continues to roll on at his own pace, until the entire cast is shocked by a plot twist on the show.

This episode of “Amazing Saturday” airs on October 2 at 7:40 p.m. KST. Watch the preview below!

Check out Lee Sang Yeob in “On the Verge of Insanity” below!

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