The kids of SBS’s “The Penthouse” recently gathered for a final talk about the hit series!

Kim Hyun Soo, Choi Ye Bin, Han Ji Hyun, Kim Young Dae, Lee Tae Vin, and Jin Ji Hee got together and discussed various behind-the-scenes stories, deleted scenes, and more from the past 540 days.

The group began by sharing how it has been over a year and six months since they met at their very first script reading. Kim Young Dae added how triumphant it felt to finally be done filming, but that he felt really weird while doing an interview in the car afterwards, to which all the other stars agreed that they could relate.

Looking back on their first script reading, they all noted how nervous they had been back then. Lee Tae Vin commented that starting from the page before his name came out, he took a sip of water to prepare and the cast all burst into laughter out of agreement. When the drama first began, “The Penthouse” kids were all in middle school, but by the end, the characters were around 22 to 23 years old (by Korean reckoning). Choi Ye Bin remarked that they had acted through around 8 years of life, and Kim Young Dae jokingly added, “We’re like Harry Potter.”

Later, it was revealed that including all the deleted scenes, they had filmed over 4,000 scenes during the three seasons of “The Penthouse.” Lee Tae Vin began to share how he was most disappointed about one deleted scene with Yoo Je Ni (played by Jin Ji Hee) and the rest of the cast immediately knew what he was talking about. Han Ji Hyun asked, “Your confession?” Jin Ji Hee added, “We had our own storyline, it just didn’t make it to air.” However, you can check out the unreleased clip of the deleted scene in the full video below at the 3:49 mark!

Han Ji Hyun talked about a personal win as she explained that all of her character’s drastic scenes were done in one take. She elaborated, “Falling into the water, throwing paint on Bae Ro Na [Kim Hyun Soo], and the cello.” She imitated her conversation with the director as he asked her, “Do you think you can smash [the cello]?” and she passionately responded, “I can do it!” as there was only one cello available on set.

Although the drama was surely difficult to film, Kim Hyun Soo explained that it made her feel like she could do anything. Choi Ye Bin chimed in, “We even learned how to golf!” and Kim Young Dae added, “I learned proper bowling posture.”

For the character she is most thankful to, Kim Hyun Soo picked Joo Seok Hoon (Kim Young Dae), her character’s love interest. She explained, “Throughout [filming], he was so reliable. I am so thankful that you were always on Ro Na’s side.”

Han Ji Hyun also thanked Kim Young Dae, but he chose their father Joo Dan Te (Uhm Ki Joon) as the cast member he was most thankful for. Kim Young Dae shared, “He was very soft and also a mood-maker on set. He took care of me more than I had expected, and he always looked upon us with a true father-like smile. In the drama, he’s my father, and as an actor, he’s my senior, but as a person, he just feels like a really great older brother.”

Lastly, the six actors all shared final messages to their “The Penthouse” characters. Kim Young Dae jokingly started off to his character Joo Seok Hoon, “My thoughts are probably 100 percent correct, but I think this is truly my end with you.” He continued, “It’s hard to believe this is really the end. Since we spent so much time together, and over time, regardless of whether you hate or dislike someone, you grow a soft spot for them, I think that happened with you. You worked hard. Thank you for finding me.”

Jin Ji Hee shared to her character Yoo Je Ni, “Je Ni, thanks to you, I think I was able to meet another character of a lifetime, so I think I won’t be able to forget this. Je Ni, thank you for being with me this whole time and letting me portray Je Ni.”

Tearfully, Choi Ye Bin began, “Since Eun Byul was someone who wasn’t very mentally tough from the start, I, Choi Ye Bin, experienced a lot of different emotions. Sending her off at the end made me feel apologetic and refreshed, and I want her to live happily. Through the character of Eun Byul, I was able to act, meet great people, and experience a wide array of emotions that I may one day truly feel, so thank you so much.”

To Bae Ro Na, Kim Hyun Soo shared, “During the past year and six months I was with you, I learned a lot watching your tough and kind image. You’ve had a hard time, right? In the future, I believe you’ll be happy. I will always support you.”

While Lee Tae Vin received lots of love for his portrayal of Min Hyuk, his character—and, as a result, the actor—received just as much hate. He started with a deep sigh and shared, “I really don’t think I hated you. I tried my best to understand your character and I had a really happy time portraying that. I’m really calm and serious, and I think I’ve lived with a lot of responsibility, but throughout these one and a half years, I’m so thankful you made me feel lighter. I won’t forget this gift you gave me and I’ll cherish it well.”

Han Ji Hyun began, “Seok Kyung, I don’t think I’m ready to send you off yet. Although it may still be hard, since I can’t meet you now, we will grow apart, and I’ll adjust, right? But there’s been something I’ve always wanted to tell you. You’re a really lovely person, to me. You were such a good friend and I liked you so much. I hope you discover how to love yourself. That’s what I felt was most regretful while acting. My Seok Kyung, take care, I’ll remember you forever.”

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