Watch: SF9's Chani Gets His Heart Broken In Teaser For New Fantasy Romance Drama With WJSN's Eunseo

Kakao TV has shared a sneak peek of SF9’s Chani and WJSN‘s Eunseo’s upcoming drama “Jinx”!

“Jinx” is a new fantasy romance drama starring Chani as Kyu Han, a seemingly ordinary student who is cursed with an unlucky jinx. Every time he sneezes, things go exactly the opposite of what he hopes, forcing him into all sorts of unfortunate situations in his daily life. However, despite his supernatural bad luck, he still romantically chooses to pursue his one-sided crush, believing that if he just tries his hardest, there’s nothing he can’t achieve.

 Eunseo will star in the drama as Se Kyung, Kyu Han’s beautiful but seemingly frosty co-worker who is brusque with her words and actions. Although she seems aloof and uninterested in romance, Se Kyung has a hidden soft side and is secretly struggling with painful memories.

In a newly released clip from the upcoming drama, hopeless romantic Kyu Han decides to buy his crush Chan Mi (played by Kim Seo Yeon) an expensive designer bag that costs over 2.26 million won (approximately $1905) for her birthday. Gifting her the bag, Kyu Han writes, “Happy Birthday, Chan Mi,” and is adorably ecstatic when he gets a cute emoji with a heart in response.

However, when Chan Mi arrives at their class the next day, Kyu Han is disappointed to find that she completely ignores his greeting in favor of sitting next to Min Chul (Kim Hyun Woo), a popular student in her department. As Chan Mi complains about Min Chul not picking up her call the night before, Kyu Han says uncertainly in voice-over, “If I’m sincere and I try my best… things will work out eventually, right?”

When his friend asks if he really bought Chan Mi that expensive bag, Kyu Han replies with a smile, “Yeah. I don’t regret it at all, because Chan Mi really liked it.” But soon afterwards, his friend points out the bag on Min Chul’s chair and asks, “Hey, isn’t that the 2 million won bag you bought Chan Mi?” Despite being visibly stricken, Kyu Han tries to maintain his optimism as he responds, “That bag is all the rage these days. I saw a lot of them on my way here, too.”

“Jinx” will premiere on October 6 at 9 a.m. KST. In the meantime, check out the new clip below!

While you wait for “Jinx,” watch Chani in his recent drama “Imitation” with subtitles here:

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