Lively And Mellow: 9 EXO Solo Releases To Brighten Your Day

Every time an EXO comeback takes place, we know we’re in for a wild musical ride. With half of the members currently serving in the military, it’s a good thing they dropped their solo releases beforehand. This way, whenever you miss a specific member, you can go ahead and play some of their music to satiate your nostalgia.

This being said, here is a selection of some of EXO’s amazing solo releases to brighten your day.

1. Chen – “Hello”

In this reflective track, Chen tries to find the right words to confess his love. He thinks of writing down a few sentences, but he is unable to pen his thoughts. Eventually, he sends his incomplete letter to his significant other with one word only: “Hello.” These lyrics portray the dilemma a person encounters when trying to express their feelings, only to send a single message that may actually be significant enough to push the conversation forward.

2. Xiumin – “You”

Through pensive lyrics, Xiumin describes the state of mind one is in when missing someone. He expresses his wish to have them by his side, where he is content to simply gaze into their eyes and enjoy the moment. This song has a certain warmth to it, which is perfect to listen to when you’re thinking of someone who is away from you.

3. Suho – “Let’s Love”

Suho takes us on a rollercoaster of emotions in this soothing ballad, where he expresses his wish to win his love interest back. He names all the things about him that were simply better when they were together and dreams of reuniting with them again soon. This track carries emotions of atonement, hope, and desire – making it the perfect recipe to mend an aching heart.

4. Chanyeol – “SSFW”

Talk about a song that fits every season! Chanyeol lends his vocals to this chill track where he sings a heartfelt confession using seasonal metaphors to convey the sincerity of his feelings. This one is ideal to listen to at the park, by the beach, or even under the rain. You can also send it to someone to make their day.

5. Baekhyun – “Amusement Park”

Baekhyun delivers a feel-good song that doubles as therapy for anyone who feels lonely, bored, or down. The singer is basically everyone’s best friend as he figuratively takes his audience by the hand and walks them through every spot of the amusement park, offers ice cream, and gives every attraction a whirl.

6. Sehun – “On Me”

There is only one right way to listen to this jam and that’s by playing it at full blast. Sehun slays both the lyrics and the flow as he goes on a journey full of swag, confidence, and absolute fun with this bouncy track. The rapper walks his audience through a day of his life as a hardworking artist who keeps going forward despite the setbacks. Talk about a motivational bop!

7. Kai – “Hello Stranger”

Sometimes, you’re stuck in your bubble and desperately waiting for someone or something to come and pull you out. That someone is Kai and that something is this healing masterpiece where reassurance is spread throughout its comforting lines. If you’re planning to make a solace playlist, make sure this one makes the cut.

8. D.O. – “Rose”

If you’re looking for a song to lift up your mood, there is no doubt that D.O. has the right pick for you. In this serenading tune, he lovingly sings of all the little things that make him appreciate his crush and asks them for a chance. Bonus: there is an English version of “Rose”!

9. Lay – “Give Me A Chance”

In this sensual track, Lay is adamant to do whatever it takes to win his girl back. The English lyrics are wittily written, with a dash of romance and a drop of seduction. Let’s just say that he’s got moves – both as a dancer and a flirt – and he does not shy away from flaunting his dual talent.

Between lively and mellow, which EXO solo release is your favorite pick? Let us know in the comments below!

Esmee L. is a Moroccan lively dreamer, writer, and Hallyu enthusiast.

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