Golden Child Talks About Their New Album, Preparing Their “DDARA” Choregraphy, And More

Golden Child have made their comeback with their repackaged second full album!

In just two months, Golden Child made a speedy return with their latest album “DDARA,” which features a title track of the same name and a new b-side called “OASIS.”

Regarding their quick comeback and their new album, Daeyeol shared, “Through this repackaged second album, we plan to show a different image from ‘GAME CHANGER.’ It’s the first album where we are showing ‘DDARA’ as well as ‘OASIS’ which TAG wrote and composed. Although we made a quick comeback in just two months, I think our Goldenness [Golden Child’s official fan club] are really disappointed like us because there aren’t a lot of opportunities where we can personally meet. We prepared really hard for Goldenness so please give us lots of support.”

To describe their title track, Y explained, “‘DDARA’ is of the new jack swing style so it’s funky but also gives off a luxurious feel. You will be able to see a different kind of luxurious freedom from ‘Ra Pam Pam.'”

Jibeom talked about their performance, sharing, “I think the killing part is the chorus which each member sings with their own individual charming voice. The point choreography is the gentle movement we do using our leg. I hope you watch our ‘DDARA’ performance while focusing on its powerful yet simple atmosphere.”

Donghyun elaborated on their choreography and the difficulties during practice as he commented, “There are two spots that were the most difficult. For starters, emphasizing the feeling of the dance break choreography was the hardest. That’s why it’s the part the members practiced most. In the chorus, there’s a dance where we kick our right foot and because that’s the point choreography, we practiced it a lot.”

As Bomin is in charge of both the start and ending of the song, the interviewer asked whether he paid specific attention to certain aspects. He answered, “I paid most attention to my facial expressions at the start and end of the song. I especially focus on the beginning where the point is to be slightly indifferent while still looking inviting.”

Their new b-side “OASIS” is written and composed by TAG, who commented, “Luckily I was able to not only write the lyrics for ‘OASIS’ but also participate in the overall song and track making. I thought about Golden Child while writing the lyrics and there was a lot I wanted to say so there weren’t any huge difficulties.”

He continued, “‘OASIS’ shares the message that if the music industry was a desert, we are members who would walk that arduous desert journey through our own oasis, or through a shelter-like road. I wanted to express my gratitude to my members who are my safe haven. I also wanted to capture the message that while it’s important to do everything diligently, you don’t have to rush and should take a rest sometimes. I will return with even better songs in the future!”

For their jacket images, Golden Child took photos with two separate concepts. Jangjun picked the gambler concept as his favorite and added, “I’ve heard of the sculpture concept a lot so I like the gambler one because it’s a more refreshing concept!”

Joochan was asked to describe their concept in one word and pick the member who fit the concept best. He answered, “Visual. When you see our performance, you’ll be able to see how well-polished our choreography is! I believe that every single member suits this concept well.”

Thinking back to their music video filming, Seungmin shared, “In our music video, there’s a scene where the members look at each other and get angry. However, when we filmed that, we were holding in our laughter so I remember getting in trouble.”

Lastly, Jaehyun shared their goal for this comeback, commenting, “Since the season has now changed to fall, our goal is to promote ‘DDARA’ coolly and impressively with a fall-like vibe. Please look forward to it lots!”

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