Watch: Gong Myung And Jung Ho Yeon Test How Similar They Are As Same Age Friends

Jung Ho Yeon and Gong Myung sat down for a fun session of games!

Saram Entertainment recently revealed a video starring the agency’s same-aged actors Gong Myung and Jung Ho Yeon. Both actors were born in 1994.

Regarding their first impressions of each other, Jung Ho Yeon shares that she thought Gong Myung was nice and very handsome. Gong Myung is skeptical about her comment and says, “Don’t lie so blatantly!” Jung Ho Yeon explains, “It’s because we’re in front of the camera.” She adds on to her compliments, dramatically saying, “He was very good-looking, nice, and I wondered how someone like him could exist. I thought, ‘Wow, he’s a perfect human.'”

Gong Myung reciprocates her compliment with one of his own, as he shares, “Recently, I thought that she’s really good at acting. When the cameras are on her, she transforms completely.”

He also explains that his first impression of her was that she’s a mature person because he had seen her as a top model actively promoting overseas.

The pair reveals their MBTI types, Gong Myung being ENFJ, and Jung Ho Yeon being ENFP. They find out that their MBTI types go well together and do a high five.

Next, they play a balance game to see how similar their preferences are. Having to choose between eating seafood the rest of their lives or eating meat the rest of their lives, Jung Ho Yeon chooses seafood while Gong Myung picks meat. Jung Ho Yeon explains, “I love shrimp, raw fish, and squid. I can endure not eating meat.”

Between going five seconds to the future versus five seconds to the past, Gong Myung chooses the former and Jung Ho Yeon chooses the latter. Jung Ho Yeon commented, “I’m not that curious about the future, but there’s so much I regret from the past. So I want to change it.”

Their answers are also split for sleeping all day long versus spending time outside all day long, with Gong Myung picking the former and Jung Ho Yeon the latter. Jung Ho Yeon grows doubtful about whether they really are compatible, and Gong Myung explains, “Our friendship can last longer because we’re different like this.”

The next question asks what’s a worse breakup: your partner ghosting you and your partner immediately moving on to another person. Jung Ho Yeon expresses her anger at both options but eventually selects ghosting. Gong Myung chooses the same option, saying, “If the person is moving on, they’re at least telling you that they’re breaking up with you. That’s still better.”

After playing a board game, the two actors have to come up with a pose for the video’s thumbnail. When Gong Myung asks Jung Ho Yeon to teach him some model poses, Jung Ho Yeon shares, “There are three basic model poses. It’s the headache, toothache, and backache. If you master these three stages, you can become a top model too,” before laughing uncontrollably at what she just said.

Check out the full video below!

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