3 Key Points To Anticipate In Upcoming Premiere Of “The King’s Affection”

The premiere of new KBS drama “The King’s Affection” is only hours away!

Based on the manhwa (Korean comic) of the same name, “The King’s Affection” will tell the story of a pair of royal twins, one male and one female. Although the sister is initially abandoned for being female, she later disguises herself as a man to become the crown prince when her brother dies. Park Eun Bin will star in the drama as Lee Hwi, the crown prince with a shocking secret, while SF9’s Rowoon will star as male lead Jung Ji Woon, who is Lee Hwi’s teacher.

Below are three points to look out for in the drama’s first episode.

The beginning of Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Woon’s relationship

The beautiful and secretive love story between Lee Hwi and Jung Ji Woon will begin tonight. Lee Hwi, who grew up with a precarious fate that twins must not twist in the royal throne, has no choice but to maintain a disguise to keep her crown. Amid the tense development of the suffocating and thrilling moments in the palace, she will fall in love with Jung Ji Woon, who will fatefully appear in her life as her teacher.

Star-studded cast

Popular actors have rounded out the cast to make the love stories in the drama even more romantic. Never-failing actress Park Eun Bin will portray a female king with her excellent acting skills. This is Rowoon’s first historical drama, but he will blow life into his unique character who falls in love with Lee Hwi.

More young actors in the drama are Nam Yoon Su, VICTON’s Byungchan, Bae Yoon Kyung, and DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon. Other actors who will balance out the drama with their superb performances are Bae Soo Bin, Lee Pil Mo, Baek Hyun Joo, Go Kyu Pil, Kim Jae Chul, Kim In Kwon, Park Eun Hye, Lee Il Hwa, Son Yeo Eun, Han Chae Ah, Son Jong Hak, and Park Won Sang.

Song Hyun Wook’s sentimental directing

The upcoming drama will also be the first historical drama by director Song Hyun Wook, who helmed many well-known romance projects including “Beauty Inside,” “Another Oh Hae Young,” and “Marriage, Not Dating.” The director is an expert in the romance genre, subtly portraying the emotions of the couples in detail while also taking care to capture the eye-catching narratives of the other characters surrounding the leads.

Previously, Song Hyun Wook said, “If you watch the show, you’ll be able to feel happy, proud, and overwhelmed.” He will depict the characters’ affectionate and emotional lines in detail, the elegant beauty of all four seasons of Korea, and the quiet atmosphere of the drama.

“The King’s Affection” will premiere on October 11 at 9:30 p.m. KST. Check out a teaser for the drama here!

In the meantime, watch Park Eun Bin in “Do You Like Brahms?” with subtitles below:

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