MLD Entertainment Ordered By Court To Pay Former MOMOLAND Member Daisy Unpaid Earnings + Agency Files Appeal

In the court case involving MLD Entertainment and former MOMOLAND member Daisy regarding unpaid wages, the court has sided with the latter.

Back in July 2016, MLD Entertainment selected group members through the audition program “Finding Momoland.” Daisy was eliminated during the show, but she signed an exclusive contract with the agency in September 2016 and became part of MOMOLAND in April 2017.

However, MLD Entertainment deducted 66 million won (approximately $55,238) from Daisy’s earnings and stated that she, who had been one of the ten participants in “Finding Momoland” at the time, had to pay one-tenth of the total production cost of 660 million won (approximately $552,380).

Daisy sued MLD Entertainment for withholding part of her earnings to cover the cost that occurred in April 2016, which happened five months before the contract was signed. In response, the label stated, “There is no problem as the contract decided to cover 100 percent of the content production costs that incurred before the debut. This is also a practice in the entertainment industry.”

According to insiders on October 10, the Seoul Central District Court ruled in favor of Daisy, saying, “Pay Daisy 79.26 million won (approximately $66,345).” The court explained, “Unless otherwise specified, the contract is effective from the date on which it is established. The phrase ‘before debut’ in the contract means that it begins from the date of signing the exclusive contract. There’s no clear evidence to say it’s a practice in the entertainment industry.”

In addition, the court ruled that MLD Entertainment should pay 13 million won (approximately $10,882) that had not been paid to Daisy. However, they did not side with Daisy on her additional damage claim of 10 million won (approximately $8,371).

On November 11, it was revealed that MLD Entertainment has already filed an appeal against Daisy. A source from the agency shared, “As far as we know, the petition of appeal has already been submitted. It’s in process.”

Stay tuned for updates.

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