Sunmi Responds To Death Threats & Hate Comments By “Girls Planet 999” Viewers

Sunmi has personally responded to death threats and online hate she’s received because of her appearance on Mnet’s “Girls Planet 999.”

The singer is currently appearing on the Mnet idol audition program as a “K-pop master,” serving as both a mentor and judge for the survival show’s contestants.

On October 11, Sunmi took to Twitter to post screenshots from an online forum frequented by some fans of “Girls Planet 999.” One post was titled “How should I kill this b*tch Sunmi hehehe,” while another comment read, “As soon as Sunmi releases an album, I’m going to f*cking curse her out like crazy in realtime on Melon.”

Referencing a remark she made in the first episode of the show, another individual responded to the above comment by writing, “Hehehe she’ll get lots of complaints about how she doesn’t have an aura,” followed by another comment reading, “Crazy shaman b*tch hehehe.”

Responding to the hate in a series of tweets, Sunmi wrote:

What did I do that was so wrong?

What should I do?

What about me made you hate seeing me so much and made you want to kill me? Was it my judging standards that I mentioned in Episode 1? Up until now, I’ve been monitoring [the show] and making efforts to talk [on the program] in a way that more people would be able to relate to and understand. I also genuinely spent every moment sincerely thinking about what more I could do for our [contestants].

Just cheer harder for our [contestants], please.

Earlier in the day, Sunmi made her return with the digital single “Go or Stop?” and a futuristic music video for the new song. Check out her brand-new music video here!

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