Yerin And CIX's Yonghee Share Thoughts On Their First Time Acting

Yerin and CIX’s Yonghee spoke about their first drama in a photo shoot with Singles!

Former GFRIEND member Yerin and CIX’s Yonghee will be starring in the fantasy romance drama “Witch Shop Reopening,” a spin-off of the web drama “The Witch Store,” and tells the story of a witch named Lee Hae Na who is determined to save her witch shop from closing. Yerin stars as Lee Hae Na who finds an unexpected ally in an ordinary high school student named Han Ji Ho (Yonghee).

In the interview following the photo shoot, Yerin shared, “It was quite awkward when we first met, but I tried not to make that obvious.”

Yonghee added while laughing, “I totally agree. I tried my best to act as naturally as possible.”

While talking about “Witch Store Reopening,” Yerin said, “There was definitely pressure being one of the main leads of the drama. I do want to do my best, but I also feel that if I get too immersed, I might actually end up making a mistake or become a nuisance to the people I’m working with.”

Yonghee also responded, “Initially there was a lot of pressure, but I gained strength thanks to the staff and especially the director who gave me lots of support. I was also able to gain courage because the other actors encourage each other and the atmosphere is friendly.”

Regarding the drama’s script, Yerin commented, “When I first received the script, I thought it would be rather fun when I saw some scenes like casting spells and people flying away by a touch of the shoulder. These were things I can’t normally do, so I was excited.”

They also explained what direction they took when they were acting. Yerin revealed, “I think after reading the script from the beginning, it allows me to act naturally. The director guides me of course, but when I try acting in some scenes in a way that I think of and the director agrees with it, I feels like I actually became a witch.”

Yonghee continued, “It is my first drama and my first time acting, so the director gives me a lot of advice, and personally, I do a lot of image training for each scene.”

The pair additionally shared what they do when they don’t have any scheduled activities.

Yerin said, “I can answer this with certainty. I just lie down at home and don’t do anything. I do this because I worked hard to deserve the time to relax like a sloth.”

Yonghee added, “I’m a complete homebody. I don’t really enjoy going out. I thought of meeting a friend since I never really go out, but unfortunately, they’re all completing their military service so I don’t think we’ll be able to gather together until we’re 23 years old.”

Finally, the two talked about how their daily lives changed due to COVID-19.

Yerin responded, “I can’t meet my overseas fans. If it wasn’t for COVID-19, we could have met up and communicated with each other, but because that’s not possible right now due to the situation, I really hope the world will be free from the virus soon.”

Yonghee added, “The opportunity to meet with fans significantly decreased, so I try to communicate frequently through video fan signings and untact (non face-to-face contact) performances.”

Yerin and Yonghee’s full interview can be found in the October issue of Singles.

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