“Jirisan” Explains The Organization Of The Rangers In The Drama + Relationships Between Characters

As “mountain rangers” is a new topic for a drama, tvN’s “Jirisan” shared a chart that explains the organization of the rangers at Mount Jiri National Park, as well as the relationships between characters.

Written by Kim Eun Hee (“Signal,” “Kingdom”), “Jirisan” is an upcoming mystery drama starring Jun Ji Hyun as Seo Yi Kang, a top ranger at Mount Jiri National Park, and Joo Ji Hoon as Kang Hyun Jo, her rookie partner who is hiding an unspeakable secret. The drama follows the rangers at the national park as they uncover the truth behind a mysterious accident on the mountain.

The relationship chart begins by outlining how Mount Jiri National Park is managed. At the top are Headquarters, followed by the Mount Jiri National Park Jeonbuk Office. The Jeonbuk Office is split into two divisions: the Haedong Branch Office and the Bidam Shelter. The Haedong Branch Office is located at the bottom of the mountain and the Bidam Shelter is located at the top.

The Haedong Branch Office includes top ranger Seo Yi Kang (Jun Ji Hyun), rookie ranger Kang Hyun Jo (Joo Ji Hoon), leader Jo Dae Jin (Sung Dong Il), and rangers Jung Goo Young (Oh Jung Se), Lee Yang Sun (Joo Min Kyung), and Lee Da Won (Go Min Si). Lee Da Won is also a rookie ranger who looks up to Seo Yi Kang as her role model. Lee Yang Sun is an administrative employee of the office rather than a ranger.

Seo Yi Kang joined the rangers at the same time as Jung Goo Young in the Haedong Branch Office and Park Il Hae (Jo Han Chul) at the Bidam Shelter. Park Il Hae is the team leader of the Bidam Shelter, which is a refuge for visitors who encounter an emergency while on the mountain. As a result, the three of them have a special colleague relationship.

Other employees at the Jeonbuk Office include Chief Kim Gye Hee (Joo Jin Mo); Kim Sol (Lee Ga Seob), who works on behalf of environment conservation and knows everything about Mount Jiri’s history, culture, and literature; and Yoon Soo Jin (Kim Guk Hee), a researcher at the Ecological Restoration Center, who is described as a “walking encyclopedia.”

Key characters in “Jirisan” include the residents of Haedong Village, who live with Mount Jiri as a constant backdrop in their lives. Lee Moon Ok (Kim Young Ok) is an important elder in the village and operates a restaurant near the mountain. She lost her son and daughter-in-law to an accident 20 years ago, and so raised her granddaughter, Seo Yi Kang, herself.

Kim Woong Soon (Jeon Suk Ho) and Constable Park (Han Dong Ho) are police officers at Haedong Police Station. Kim Woong Soon is a know-it-all who has a deep love for his hometown and Mount Jiri. Constable Park is a newcomer to the police force and is always nervous that something might happen on his watch.

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