Kim Doyeon And Younghoon Share A Starlight Date In “One The Woman” Flashback Scene

Weki Meki’s Kim Doyeon and THE BOYZ’s Younghoon will reappear in another flashback scene in SBS’s “One the Woman”!

“One the Woman” is a comedy drama starring Honey Lee as a corrupt prosecutor named Jo Yeon Joo, who gets amnesia and switches lives with a chaebol daughter-in-law named Kang Mi Na, who looks exactly like her. Lee Sang Yoon co-stars as Han Seung Wook, a disinherited third-generation chaebol out for revenge after his father’s mysterious death.


Kim Doyeon and Younghoon previously appeared in the drama as the younger versions of Kang Mi Na and Han Seung Wook, who were each other’s first love before they were driven apart. However, it was revealed in the course of the drama that the girl that Han Seung Wook fell in love with 14 years ago was not Kang Mi Na but actually Jo Yeon Joo. Unfortunately, it was also revealed that Jo Yeon Joo’s father, Kang Myung Gook (Jung In Ki) was behind the death of Han Seung Wook’s father.

In the stills of the new flashback scene, Kim Doyeon and Younghoon share a romantic date under the stars. In this scene, Han Seung Wook takes his fiancée, Kang Mi Na, out at night to show her the constellations through a telescope. However, viewers are hoping that this scene will shed some light on what happened 14 years ago between Kang Mi Na, Jo Yeon Joo, and Han Seung Wook.

The production staff stated, “Kim Doyeon and Younghoon always add positive energy to the set with their brightness and passion. This episode will reveal something new about what happened 14 years ago. Please tune in to episodes 9 and 10 this week to find out where Han Seung Wook’s memories of his first love first went wrong.”

Episode 9 of “One the Woman” airs on October 15 at 10 p.m. KST.

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