Watch: Honey Lee Banters Playfully With Lee Sang Yoon, Kim Chang Wan, And Lee Won Geun On

SBS’s “One the Woman” has released a new making-of video!

At the beginning of the video, when Kim Chang Wan arrives on set, Honey Lee greets him by singing one of his songs. Kim Chang Wan sweetly helps Honey Lee fix her hair, commenting, “Stay still, so I can fix your hair.” In return, Honey Lee scratches Kim Chang Wan’s hand for him and even pretends to bite it at the end.

Kim Chang Wan, Lee Sang Yoon, and Honey Lee then snack on donuts, and Kim Chang Wan comments, “They’re tastier because Yeon Joo (Honey Lee) bought them.” Honey Lee requests to hear the song “Mischievous Boy” by Kim Chang Wan’s band, and Kim Chang Wan specifically whispers in Honey Lee’s ear. Later, she can’t stop laughing while looking at Lee Sang Yoon’s and Kim Chang Wan’s matching outfits, remarking, “Don’t they suit each other too well?”

Honey Lee gets playful with the small fan, but Kim Chang Wan stops her by starting to recite his lines. Holding up a photo of Honey Lee, Kim Chang Wan makes finger hearts and comments, “She’s so pretty.” Lee Won Geun joins their rehearsal, and Honey Lee gets excited as she encourages the fight between him and Lee Sang Yoon.

For the next rehearsal, Lee Sang Yoon comes greeting Kim Chang Wan with sign language. Kim Chang Wan explains that there’s a campaign to teach sign language to encourage not using physical contact. Honey Lee mentions that there’s a comedian hidden inside Lee Sang Yoon, who replies that he has two years of experience as a variety star. Honey Lee adds, “He has pride. He has variety show pride.” Lee Sang Yoon reveals that he wants to do comedic acting, sharing that he practically film sitcoms with the other actors on set after filming is over.

Honey Lee frames Lee Won Geun’s smiling face and jokes, “I want to make you a emoticon out of this.” Lee Won Geun shares that he ate kimbap on the way, but Honey Lee asks, “Don’t you know there are separate stomachs for kimbap and ice cream?” At the end of their scene together, Lee Sang Yoon tries to enter his character’s house, but he bursts out laughing instead because he can’t remember the passcode.

Watch the full making-of video below!

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