Lee Young Ae, Kim Hye Joon, Kim Hae Sook, And More Pose As Game Characters In New

Upcoming JTBC weekend drama “Inspector Koo” revealed a group poster!

“Inspector Koo” is described as a hard-boiled investigative comedy drama that centers around insurance investigator Koo Kyung Yi (played by Lee Young Ae), who also investigates cold cases for the thrill of it rather than out of a sense of justice. The drama also stars Lee Young Ae, Kim Hye JoonKim Hae Sook, Kwak Sun YoungBaek Sung ChulCho Hyun Chul, and Lee Hong Nae.

In the poster, the actors pose as if they’re game characters, and the bubbles above them share their “level” and description. First off, Koo Kyung Yi is someone who tenaciously digs through everything in order to solve a case. She is described as a “woman in doubt,” and despite her high level, she is wearing a sloppy attire, hinting there’s more than meets the eye.

Kim Hye Joon plays the mysterious university student Kei. She crosses paths with Koo Kyung Yi, and unlike her bright smile on the outside, no one can tell what she’s thinking inside. Her mysteriousness is further heightened in the poster. Her level is marked with a question mark, and her speech bubble asks, “Can I kill you?”.

Kim Hae Sook plays Director Yong, the chief director of a volunteer and charity foundation. Although she looks warm and benevolent on the outside, she has an aura of her own. In the poster, Director Yong is holding a shotgun, and the caption reads, “Let’s catch that murderer together.”

Kwak Sun Young, Baek Sung Cheol, and Jo Hyun Chul are part of “Koo Kyung Yi’s team.” Kwak Sun Young plays Na Je Hi, the head of the investigation team at NT Life, who used to be Koo Kyung Yi’s junior in the police force. Baek Sung Chul plays a gamer who becomes Koo Kyung Yi’s assistant, and Cho Hyun Chul plays Kyung Soo, Koo Kyung Yi’s colleague at NT Life’s investigation team.

Na Je Hi is at level 71, and she says, “I know sunbae very well,” hinting she’ll play a part in controlling Koo Kyung Yi. Santa, who is at level 25, is described as a “silent guardian,” and Kyung Soo, who is at level 3, seems like he doesn’t really trust Koo Kyung Yi as his speech bubble says, “I’ll do it, but she’s a bit…”

Lee Hong Nae rounds out the principal cast as Geon Wook, Kei’s assistant. At level 53, he stands in the back with a walkie-talkie in his hand, and his speech bubble says, “You can’t live without me,” piquing curiosity about his relationship with Kei.

“Inspector Koo” will premiere on October 30 at 10:30 p.m. KST.

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