Watch: Jun So Min Loses Her Grip On Reality As Husband Park Sung Hoon Watches In Horror In Teasers For New Drama

2021 KBS Drama Special has shared two unsettling new teasers for Jun So Min and Park Sung Hoon’s upcoming drama!

KBS Drama Special is an annual collection of short-form dramas that consist of one or two episodes each, and this year’s lineup of drama specials will be kicking off next week.

Jun So Min and Park Sung Hoon’s “Hee Soo,” the first drama in this year’s lineup, will be a sci-fi thriller in the style of a feature film. The drama will tell the story of a bereaved married couple mourning the loss of their young daughter—and what happens when they struggle to cope with her passing.

In the first of two newly released teasers, Hwang Joo Eun (Jun So Min) calls out, “Hee Soo, let’s play!” and Hee Soo happily responds, “Mom!” Joo Eun tells her daughter, “Let’s do whatever Hee Soo wants to do,” to which Hee Soo replies, “Whatever Mom wants to do is what I want to do. I love you, Mom.”

But when Joo Eun reaches out and tries to hug Hee Soo, it becomes evident that none of this is real: Joo Eun is merely playing with a virtual version of her late daughter using new VR (virtual reality) technology. Once Joo Eun removes her gear, she must return to the real world, where her husband Go Tae Hoon (Park Sung Hoon) worries that she is growing overly dependent on this VR technology. “Do you even realize how much this is destroying you right now?” he asks her. “Hee Soo is dead.”

Joo Eun begins to lose her grip on reality, rushing out into oncoming traffic in order to chase a vision of Hee Soo. Meanwhile, Tae Hoon angrily confronts Hong Joon Bum (played by Kim Kang Hyun), who recommended the AI (artificial intelligence) technology to his wife. An enraged Tae Hoon asks, “How is this the same as a human?” and Joon Bum defiantly replies, “How is it any different?”

The teaser’s captions ominously warn, “The line between reality and virtuality is collapsing,” as the virtual Hee Soo eerily tells her mother, “Mom, you’re going to live with me forever from now on.”

The second teaser features Joo Eun seemingly unaware of Hee Soo’s death, complaining to her husband, “Honey, why aren’t you taking care of Hee Soo?” A bewildered Tae Hoon asks, “What?” and Joo Eun replies, “I’m talking about Hee Soo. Why aren’t you taking care of her?”

“Hee Soo” will air on October 22 at 11:25 p.m. KST.

In the meantime, watch Jun So Min and Park Sung Hoon in their previous 2018 KBS Drama Special with subtitles below!

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