3 Villainous Entities That Complicate Namgoong Min's Mission In

Who is the true villain in MBC’s “The Veil”?

“The Veil” is a blockbuster spy drama starring Namgoong Min as Han Ji Hyuk, an elite field agent whose perfect record and skill at completing missions make him a legend at the NIS (National Intelligence Service). However, just when he seemed to have finally succeeded in driving an organized crime syndicate into a corner, Han Ji Hyuk suddenly vanishes off the face of the earth. After losing his memories and going missing for a year, he makes a bold return to the organization to find the traitor who attempted to kill his entire team.

From an illegal drug-smuggling ring and a secretive council made up of current and former NIS agents to the criminal Baek Mo Sa (Yoo Oh Sung), the villains in “The Veil” might seem simple at first glance. However, as their true identities and the power they hold is gradually being revealed, Han Ji Hyuk’s path to revenge appears to be growing more and more complicated.

Below is a look at three forces of evil that Han Ji Hyuk must take down in “The Veil.”


1. The main culprit behind the Shenyang case

Han Ji Hyuk discovered a lead regarding the Shenyang case in which his colleagues were killed in the “Brown Bear Project” that had been carried out two years ago. At the time, his boss Kim Dong Hwan (Im Chul Hyung) had been chasing an illegal Chinese drug ring when he was brutally murdered, and the “Brown Bear Project” was started in order to find the truth behind his death. Although Han Ji Hyuk interrogated Kim Dong Hwan’s informant and gang member Lee Choon Gil (Jang Sung Bum), the truth was hidden in a different place altogether.

While carrying out his mission in Shenyang, a gang member he had eliminated was the son of the drug ring’s leader Hwang Mo Sool (Sung No Jin), and Hwang Mo Sool was out to avenge his son’s death. However, the culprit who killed Han Ji Hyuk’s NIS colleagues turned out to not be Hwang Mo Sul, and the revelation of another mastermind behind the murders threw the case back into murky waters.

2. The council of NIS agents and the existence of the “Black Agent”

While Han Ji Hyuk’s partner Yoo Je Yi (Kim Ji Eun) had been investigating North Korean defector-turned-reporter Jung Gi Sun (Kim Ji Sung), a suspected spy, she realized that the records that proved her charges had been doctored by none other than the black agent Jang Chun Woo (Jung Moon Sung).

Jung Gi Sun had been receiving threats on her life after it was found out that she had a hand in the leaking of the list of participants in the private meeting of current and former NIS agents. Surprisingly, it turned out that Jang Chun Woo was the person who had tipped her off on the proceedings. It was also revealed that he had been trying to harm her after growing worried that the truth of his betrayal would be made known.

In the end, Seo Soo Yeon (Park Ha Sun), who orchestrated the spy operation, was murdered, along with Jang Chun Woo. It remains to be seen who the pivotal figure of the council could be.

3. The appearance of Baek Mo Sa, the “man behind the curtain”

The tension in the drama reached new heights with the appearance of Baek Mo Sa, the powerful villain who controls the border between China and North Korea. One year ago in Shenyang, Han Ji Hyuk and his colleagues were keeping watch on a meeting between Jang Chun Woo, Baek Mo Sa, and Ri Dong Chul (Kim Gwi Sun). Afterwards, the list of NIS agent names was leaked, and the “Bloody Friday” incident occurred as the agents whose names had been revealed were murdered. As Jang Chun Woo and Ri Dong Chul were among the slain, all eyes naturally turned to Baek Mo Sa.

Chasing the tail of Baek Mo Sa and figuring out the identity of the traitor who stabbed the back of the NIS and murdered Han Ji Hyuk’s colleagues are now of the utmost priority. As it has been suggested that the identity of Baek Mo Sa could be none other than Yoo Je Yi’s missing father, viewers are on the edges of their seats as they await the next episode.

“The Veil” airs every Friday and Saturday at 9:50 p.m. KST.

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