Watch: Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, GOT7's Jinyoung, SHINee's Minho, And Lee Yoo Bi Playfully Bicker On Set Of

Yumi’s Cells” has given viewers a close look behind the scenes of Episodes 9 and 10!

In these episodes, Yumi’s newest “writer cell” is introduced. This leaves Kim Go Eun’s character deep in thought, but the copy machine she’s waiting on finishes its task super quickly. After awkwardly standing there, she later asks the director, “The copy machine finishes right away, but should I just keep standing here?” He reassures her, “You can’t see [the copy machine on screen] then.”

Later, the cast films Lee Yoo Bi’s big aegyo scene with Kim Go Eun and SHINee’s Minho. She makes her best attempt at a hilariously cheesy line as Kim Go Eun and Minho begin punching the air and the latter shouts out, “Stop!” As they watch her struggle, the two begin to try out Lee Yoo Bi’s lines to help her feel less embarrassed.

Afterwards, Lee Yoo Bi has a different aegyo scene, and Kim Go Eun hilariously gets a turn too. The director quickly comments, “We’ll try this,” and Kim Go Eun jokingly responds in a stern tone, “I don’t want to.”

At Ahn Bo Hyun’s house, Kim Go Eun is once again full of aegyo as she playfully bothers him. When they’re resting, she tries to bother him again, and a cast member teasingly sings, “You just got caught!” She plays it off at first, but Ahn Bo Hyun jokingly calls her over to say, “Please don’t hit me,” and Kim Go Eun hilariously tells the camera to cut filming before she begins a play fight.

During the scene where Kim Go Eun sees Ahn Bo Hyun and Park Ji Hyun together, a staff member tries to help Kim Go Eun soothe her jealousy. She asks him, “Why do I only have to calm down?” He responds, “You’re the adult.” Kim Go Eun indignantly points out that Ahn Bo Hyun is older, retorting, “He [was born in] ’88!”

At night, the pair are filming outside and Ahn Bo Hyun adorably improvises, “I thought I was dying because I missed you so much.” Once they stop filming, Ahn Bo Hyun comments, “I didn’t speak like Woong [Ahn Bo Hyun’s character], it just came out in my everyday tone.”

Once she’s reunited with GOT7’s Jinyoung, Kim Go Eun stiffly and shyly remarks, “Hi, Jinyoung. How have you been?” After an incredibly long scene, Jinyoung proudly comments, “I got all of it right.”

While rehearsing the next scene, a light is shone directly in Kim Go Eun’s face, so Jinyoung nonchalantly blocks it with the papers he’s holding. She comments, “Babi [Jinyoung’s character] is cool. Babi is so kind.” The director responds, “I’m telling you, [manners are] second nature to him.” Jinyoung mishears him and asks in concern, “It’s calculated?” The director repeats himself, and Jinyoung responds with a laugh, “Did I feel guilty?”

At the end, Jinyoung jokes around with the camera behind Kim Go Eun’s back and tells her to check the making-of video to see what he was doing. He then hesitantly comments to the camera, “Please don’t… edit me out too much. Because I don’t appear a lot.” Kim Go Eun chimes in, “I think you’ll have to edit me a lot. Only the good things. Only the pretty things,” and a reel of her joking behavior rolls by.

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