4 Heart-Fluttering Moments From Episodes 9 & 10 Of “Yumi’s Cells”

As “Yumi’s Cells” gets into the last stretch of episodes, there are a lot of heightened emotions and hopes for a happy ending. We are so invested in Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun) and Yumi (Kim Go Eun), so it’s only naturally that we want what’s best for them. Here are four times in episodes 9 and 10 where our hearts fluttered.

1. The elevator hug

Yumi and Woong get into a colossal fight as a result of Sae Yi butting into their relationship – again. Yumi tells Woong that Sae Yi will be intruding in any relationship he tries to have with a woman in the future. It seems at this moment that Yumi is throwing in the towel and willing to let things go.

Just when we think the two might be done for good, we find out in a flashback that Woong caught Yumi just when the elevator doors were about to close. He embraces her, and the two end up making up. This was a moment that solidified Yumi and Woong’s relationship, making it more serious. But the best part about this whole situation was the fact that Woong was able to call Sae Yi out and cut her out of his life. The relief of finally having Sae Yi out of the picture was so relieving.

2. Babi and coffee

Yumi bumps into Babi (Jinyoung) out in front of their office, and he calls out to her. It is a bit random, but he asks her if he can buy her a coffee. She complies, not thinking much of it.

Babi has been appearing a bit too randomly in Yumi’s life these past few episodes, but we really can’t help but still feel the butterflies whenever he’s on screen. Even with him wanting to help Yumi out and giving her opportunities to grow professionally, it’s all so sweet. Let’s hope his intentions are more on the innocent side and that he does not get in the way of Woong and Yumi’s blossoming romance!

3. Seeing Woong and Yumi happy

After the past few episodes of walking on eggshells, it was a delight seeing Woong and Yumi so happy together. They seem to be meeting regularly and on a different level of comfort with each other. Their trust in each other has deepened, and they are more open with each other. Not to mention, Yumi is giving it all she’s got into the relationship as she is even learning aegyo from none other than Ruby (Lee Yoo Bi)! How cute was it seeing her and her love cell work so hard to try and show her aegyo? The cuteness and hilarity!

4. Yumi discovering her dream

Babi gives Yumi the ultimate compliment by telling her that he thinks she’s a good writer. He then proceeds to give her an opportunity to write a piece for the marketing department. What Babi doesn’t know is that Yumi used to have a dream of wanting to be writer but buried it when she lost confidence in her abilities.

It is so refreshing and exciting seeing Yumi discovering herself and her passion. She is given another chance at pursuing her lifelong dream, which is an opportunity anyone would be excited about. It is Yumi’s challenge in life to put aside her insecurities and take on the new job despite her thinking she doesn’t have the courage. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing her continue to motivate herself to achieve this dream!

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