Kim Seon Ho's Agency Issues Brief Statement After Actor Is Embroiled In Rumors

Update: Kim Seon Ho Apologizes For Controversy Involving Ex-Girlfriend

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Kim Seon Ho’s agency has shared a statement regarding the rumors that are speculated to be pointing at the actor.

On October 18, a netizen uploaded a post on the Korean online community Nate Pann titled “I am disclosing actor K’s two-faced and shameless true nature.”

The writer of the post, referred to as A, stated that she had dated the actor until they broke up over four months ago and called him a “piece of trash without the slightest conscience or sense of guilt.” She claimed that when she became pregnant with K’s child, he forced her into having an abortion. “He made me abort my precious baby on the false promise of marriage, and he forced me to make the sacrifice because he was sensitive when working on a project and because he was a star. I am going through severe psychological and physical trauma due to this,” A explained.

She continued, “Because of his difficult upbringing, he has a tremendous obsession with money. He is always obsessing over success and took the sacrifices of those around him for granted. I thought he would treat me differently, but even after we broke up, he was just busy filming commercials and had no apology or remorse.”

A said, “K told me, ‘If I have a child now, I have to pay 900 million won (approximately $760,135) in damages. But I don’t have 900 million won right now.’ It turned out that he didn’t have to pay a penalty of 900 million won, but he was coercing me to get an abortion with a lie.” She also shared, “He promised to marry me after two years. He proposed that we live together starting next year.”

A ended up having the abortion, and according to her, K had sent her only 2 million won (approximately $1,690) for the surgery and hospital fees. She shared, “I didn’t threaten, complain, or resent him for that. I was just scared that there would be a rupture between us as he’s very sensitive.”

A explained that an entertainment news outlet then found out about their relationship, and K broke up with her through a phone call. She wrote, “He had promised to marry me and even coerced me to have the abortion. I told him to remember what kind of relationship we had and asked how he could break up with me on the phone like this, crying, and he got all worked up and said to me that he may have paparazzis on him and meeting up for the last time could harm him in terms of money and fame.”

“I moved houses without anyone knowing despite having to pay the real estate expenses and a penalty for breach of contract, I changed my license plate, and matched everything to him. I hope that he’s at least feeling regretful about irresponsibly throwing me and his dog away.”

A explained that she had not uploaded photos or evidence to back up her claims due to legal concerns but was contemplating doing so.

After the post gained traction, people began to speculate that the actor in question could be Kim Seon Ho.

The next day, Kim Seon Ho’s agency released the following statement.


This is Kim Seon Ho’s agency SALT Entertainment.

We sincerely apologize for not having been able to issue a quicker response.

We are currently checking the factual grounds of the anonymous post.

As the facts have not been cleared up yet, we earnestly ask you to wait a bit longer.

We apologize for worrying you with an unpleasant issue.

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