Cast Of “Best Mistake” Seasons 1 And 2 Are Joined By Kang Hye Won, DAY6’s Wonpil, And More At Season 3 Script Reading

Best Mistake” has shared photos from its script reading for Season 3!

Best Mistake 3” is an upcoming romance drama that will follow protagonists Kim Yeon Du (played by Lee Eun Jae) and Ji Hyun Ho (Kang Yul) as they leave high school behind and enter college.

This past September, cast members from Seasons 1 and 2 gathered for the script reading, including Lee Eun Jae, Kang Yul, Park Yi Hyun, Yoon Jun Won, Choi Chan Yi, Lee Jung Joon, Joo Hyun Young, and EPEX’s Keum Dong Hyun. They were also joined by new Season 3 cast members DAY6’s Wonpil, Kang Hye Won, CIX’s Hyunsuk, and woo!ah!’s Nana.

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During the reading, the actors all became immersed in their characters right away and showcased their incredible acting talent.

Lee Eun Jae is returning to play Kim Yeon Du, who is now a freshman in the business administration department at Hwayang University. While portraying her love line with Ji Hyun Ho and her developing relationships with new characters, she was able to express her character’s emotions through detailed acting.

Kang Yul made an impressive transformation into Ji Hyun Ho, who now attends Seolin University with dreams of becoming a chef. While he attends school diligently so that he can become someone who suits Kim Yeon Du, he experiences confusion when her personality changes, making him question their relationship.

Wonpil will play Do Ye Seok, a new character in Season 3. Do Ye Seok, who is handsome and smart with a good personality, hides his emotional wounds and inner feelings. Kang Hye Won also joins the cast of Season 3 as Do Ye Seok’s ex-girlfriend Jin Se Hee. Jin Se Hee is a legend at Hwayang University, popular for both her looks and brains. Despite the role being her acting debut, Kang Hye Won impressed with her stable performance at the reading.

Park Yi Hyun will play Ryu Seol, and Yoon Jun Won will play Seo Ju Ho, who is just returning from studying abroad. CIX’s Hyunsuk also showcased passionate acting as he portrayed the bubbly Kim Dae Young, who is patiently awaiting a movie-like romance.

Choi Chan Yi will play Jung Ji Sung, who is the only one out of his friends studying to retake his college entrance exam instead of going to college, while Nana will play Yoon Ara, who develops a romantic relationship with him. Lee Jung Joon will play Choi Seung Hyun, a baseball legend who is still only obsessed with baseball even after going to college. Joo Hyun Young will play Ahn Yu Na, who has a big crush on Choi Seung Hyun, and Keum Dong Hyun will reprise his role as Kang Ahun.

“Best Mistake 3” will premiere in January 2022 on KOK TV’s YouTube channel.

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