Ahn Bo Hyun Reveals What He's Like In Love, How His Real-Life Experience Is Reflected In

In a recent interview and pictorial for 1st Look magazine, Ahn Bo Hyun dished on his new dramas and more!

The actor is currently starring in two very different dramas: in tvN’s romantic comedy “Yumi’s Cells,” he plays the role of Yumi (Kim Go Eun)’s lovable boyfriend Goo Woong, and in the new Netflix series “My Name,” he plays Yoon Ji Woo (Han So Hee)’s partner Jeon Pil Do.

Describing the appeal of his character in “Yumi’s Cells,” Ahn Bo Hyun remarked, “[Goo Woong] is honest, eccentric, and innocent, and within that, he’s also sincere.”

“Woong is someone who stays true to his emotions,” he continued. “He speaks boldly, without hesitation, but he doesn’t like inconveniencing or hurting other people. I like that he’s clear and firm in his convictions.”

As for what Ahn Bo Hyun is like when he falls in love in real life, the actor revealed, “When I’m in front of the person I like, I’m more sparing with my words, and I keep my distance.”

However, he added, “When I [start dating] someone I like, I share everything from my happy news, my sorrows, to my struggles, and I don’t keep any secrets from them. I’m the type who wants to do everything I can for that person and treat them well, the type who goes all in.”

Ahn Bo Hyun also shared how his “My Name” character resembles his real-life personality. “[Jeon Pil Do] seems tough on the outside, but he grows weak when it comes to another person’s wounds,” he remarked. “Jeon Pil Do is a character who suffers alone and recovers on his own.”

The actor went on to reveal how he incorporated his actual life experiences into the character of Jeon Pil Do.

“I didn’t want to force the character in a contrived way, and I thought that I could express part of my actual life experience [through the character],” he explained. “I created the framework for the character while thinking back on my memories of living alone for a long time, my struggles during that time, and also the good things about [that time].”

Finally, Ahn Bo Hyun talked about how he’s changed since becoming busier as an actor.

“I’ve become a lot lazier than before,” he noted. “When it comes to things like organizing my recycling, doing the laundry, or doing the dishes, I find myself waiting to do it all at once. I used to always clean up right away, without thinking, ‘I’ll do this later,’ but now I’ve changed. I think I must be very tired.”

He added with a laugh, “Thinking about it, the way I do things now is actually more efficient.”

Watch Ahn Bo Hyun in “Yumi’s Cells” with subtitles below!

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