Watch: Kim Go Eun, Ahn Bo Hyun, SHINee's Minho, And GOT7's Jinyoung Are Impressed By Lee Yoo Bi's Aegyo Skills In

TVING has released a behind-the-scenes look at episodes 11 and 12 of “Yumi’s Cells.”

The behind-the-scenes clip starts off with Kim Go Eun pointing out the camera to Ahn Bo Hyun, who has his back to the camera. The two of them playfully act affectionate for the cameras. Later, when Kim Go Eun is eating toast for a different scene, Ahn Bo Hyun is first to notice the camera and acts cute toward her, but she quickly cottons on and doubles down on the cuteness.

While filming a tricky scene between their characters Yumi and Go Woong, Kim Go Eun jokes, “What if we ended the conversation right here?” Ahn Bo Hyun replies wittily, “Then we wouldn’t have to film tomorrow.” Kim Go Eun laughs and says something that the production staff cut out due to spoilers.

Kim Go Eun and Ahn Bo Hyun continue to joke around while filming a scene where they sleep in one bed before Goo Woong gets up. Kim Go Eun latches on to Ahn Bo Hyun and he jokes, “This is how the scene ends,” and the production staff comment in subtitles, “The drama would end then too.” Ahn Bo Hyun asks if he should stretch and does so in the most obvious way possible, prompting Kim Go Eun to get up and fire quips like, “Let’s wake up take on the world today! I’m energized! Let’s go!” A few minutes later, she is worried that her eyes might drift open, and the production staff encourages her, “You can do it! You’re Kim Go Eun!”

In another scene, Goo Woong and Yumi are wrapped in sleeping bags. Kim Go Eun perfectly pulls off Yumi getting a cold but as soon as the camera stops rolling, she sits up and exclaims, “It’s so hot!” She then acts out falling over in the sleeping bag and Ahn Bo Hyun hilariously overreacts, with the director observing, “This is why she’s good at action.”

GOT7’s Jinyoung arrives as Yoo Babi, talking to Yumi during her work on the marketing team at their company. After rehearsing their lines, he pulls off a spontaneous “what’s in my bag” segment, showing that his briefcase is actually stuffed to make it look full and doesn’t have anything “real” in it. “It’s all fake,” he tells the camera.

One of the final scenes in the clip is the wine party scene with Ahn Bo Hyun, Kim Go Eun, Jinyoung, SHINee’s Minho, and Lee Yoo Bi. The actors joke around and stimulate each other to upgrade their acting in hilarious ways, such as acting more excited when the director tells them to. Lee Yoo Bi runs through her lines off-camera and Kim Go Eun asks her, “Are you monologuing?”

Kim Go Eun keeps urging Lee Yoo Bi to act even cuter, such as playfully slapping Minho on the arm, but Lee Yoo Bi says, “He says he got the vaccine yesterday so it hurts!” After their scene, however, Minho says, impressed, “Noona, you’re amazing.” Watching Lee Yoo Bi fluster Ahn Bo Hyun with her aegyo acting, Kim Go Eun eventually bursts out laughing during filming. After Lee Yoo Bi does the same thing to Jinyoung, Kim Go Eun can hardly speak for laughing and says, “What am I supposed to do? Why did you put me in the middle?”

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