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We were all waiting for this premiere. It was always looming on the horizon, as we waited oh so patiently for teasers, trailers, posters, and a date. Low and behold, the day finally arrived, and we were able to see the mega Hallyu stars on the small screen, doing what they do best. They not only delivered, but the premiere achieved the highest premiere ratings of any weekend drama ever in tvN history. This is the power that Jun Ji Hyun and Joo Ji Hoon hold in the industry, and we are honestly not even the slightest bit surprised. Curious to see what we thought? Here are four things we loved about the premiere!

Warning: Spoilers ahead.

1. Jun Ji Hyun

Make way for the queen.


This is Jun Ji Hyun’s return to the small screen after four years, her last series being “The Legend of the Blue Sea.” She did star in the prequel special to “Kingdom,” but it has definitely been awhile since we have seen the queen in a full-length series, and we could hardly contain ourselves.

Jun Ji Hyun plays elite ranger Seo Yi Kang, who is one of the best when it comes to rescuing people who are lost or have been hurt in the vast Mount Jiri National Park. As the series has flashbacks and flash-forwards, we see Yi Kang in a wheelchair and injured, having returned as a ranger after taking some time off. We are unsure of the exact events as to how she got injured but do know that it took place two years prior. It seems this mystery will further be uncovered as the series progresses.

You can be certain that Jun Ji Hyun will captivate viewers with her aura and charm. She has that legendary presence that will keep you engaged in the series and really does own the screen whenever she’s on. It’s nice seeing the classic Jun Ji Hyun who is great at playing characters who are bold, outspoken, and confident. Queen goals!

2. Joo Ji Hoon

Joo Ji Hoon plays Kang Hyun Jo, a newbie ranger who gets hired at Mount Jiri National Park. He is partnered up with Yi Kang and seems to always be trailing behind her. The two quickly bond and seem to be a good team as they are able to track down the missing boy in the first episode fairly quickly. When the series jumps to 2020, we see Hyun Jo in a coma as a result of an accident that happened in the past that also involved Yi Kang.

Joo Ji Hoon is known to always bring his all in his roles, and we also know that he has fantastic chemistry with his co-stars. It is no different in this particular seriesm and we’re honestly loving seeing the connection he seems to already have with Yi Kang. I couldn’t help but squeal at that moment the two held hands on top of the mountain – as far from romantic as it may have been, I’m still here for it.


Although it is a bit too early too tell, Hyun Jo will provide a very significant secret that may help uncover the mysterious accident that occurred on the mountain. It is only a matter of time before this is revealed, and we can hardly wait!

3. The INSANE supporting cast.

Seriously, this supporting cast is ridiculous. It’s not often that you come across a cast that is this legendary and talented. It was definitely overwhelming seeing this stellar cast all in the first two episodes, but we’re looking forward to each of their developments.

First you have Sung Dong Il:


He plays Jo Dae Jin, the head of the Haedong Branch office at Mount Jiri. He manages the rangers, and in the first two episodes, he is seen as being rather stressed but cool about the situations that are occurring. He seems reliable and wise, which is what we would expect from his character!

Then the very talented Oh Jung Se:


Oh Jung Se plays Jung Goo Young as one of the team members of the rangers. This is the first role he has taken on after winning the daesang at last year’s Baeksang Arts Awards. His performance can never be underestimated. His character seems to be providing the comic relief in the series, and I have to say, seeing him and Sung Dong Il in the same scene was pretty legendary.

And then we have Go Min Si:


The lovable Go Min Si plays Lee Da Won, a ranger who is cute and intelligent. She gives off an infectious personality that viewers will find warmth in. It’s exciting to see her in any type of role, so I am looking forward to seeing how much her character develops!

And the charismatic Jo Han Chul:

Jo Han Chul plays Park Il Hae, a character whom Kim Eun Hee placed a lot of significance in when she revealed the supporting cast. Il Hae plays the role of a ranger who is very responsible and has a strong sense of morals. He can come off being cold and temperamental, but deep down, he cares.

4. The unique storyline by legendary Kim Eun Hee

If you know the dramas “Signal” and “Kingdom,” then you know you can expect a perfect storyline that will keep you engaged from beginning to end. Kim Eun Hee is the mastermind that brought us these hit K-dramas “Signal,” which won the Best Drama award at the 2016 Baeksang Arts Awards, and “Kingdom,” which was an international success.

The story of “Jirisan” involves a rescue crew of people who find missing people in the depths of the mountains and also rescue people who are at risk while hiking the mountains. It’s a story that has never been done before, but the storyline in itself proves to provide a very action-driven plot that keeps us on our toes. The series gets right into the action as within the first 10 minutes, the crew is already responsible with trying to find a missing high school student in the mountains. Kang Hyun Jo is thrown into the thick of it with Jung Goo Young as they try and race time to find this boy before it’s too late.

How we felt watching this team have to climb mountains over and over again:


The series then forwards to 2020 where we see Seo Yi Kang in a wheelchair and Kang Hyun Jo in a coma. We do not know exactly how the two end up injured and in the state they are in, but we do know that it had to do with an accident that had occurred. Viewers must anticipate the mystery of this accident that is possibly connected to a bigger mystery that happened on the mountain. Kim Eun Hee is fantastic at setting the story up in the beginning to making it all make sense and fall together by the end. She’s a genius at the mystery/thriller genre, and we can only anticipate the best from her. All in all, you can bet we will be on the edge of our seat until the very end!

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